Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Riots in Barcelona - videos


Los mossos detienen a un manifestante que les enseñaba el DNI durante la Vaga 29F from apuente on Vimeo.


RIOTING broke out in Barcelona on Wednesday after cops attacked people protesting against neoliberal cuts to public education.

Angry rebels barricaded streets, burnt cars and smashed up a bank as the Catalan city showed its revolutionary spirit is still alive.

Tooled-up cops attacked crowds with batons and rubber bullets. The Guardian quoted one student as saying: "We did not expect this degree of repression. Nobody broke anything until they charged." 

There were also protests outside a TV station as the authorities tried to exonerate the police and blame the activists for the violence which left a dozen people injured.

Thousands more took to the streets across the Spanish state, including in Valencia where students were last week similarly attacked by violent police.

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