Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Europe is finally rising up!

REVOLUTION is in the air across Europe, as millions take to the streets and reject a future of slavery under global neoliberalism.

The transnational  #14N day of strikes and actions saw huge numbers vent their anger against the capitalist system and its "austerity" agenda of privatisation and tyranny.

The panicked establishment - increasingly revealed as the same entity under different 'national' guises - has reacted with ever-more brutal attacks by its hired cop thugs.

The scenes in Portugal, as riot cops viciously cleared protesters from in front of the parliament in Lisbon, were particularly enlightening in this respect.

In Spain, hundreds were injured and rubber bullets fired at protesters - a sure sign that the authorities fear losing control.

This cowardly cop assault on a young girl in Tarragona has sparked widespread public outrage.

There were also attacks on sit-down protesters in Madrid.

This aerial shot shows the scale of the protest in Madrid.

And this one in Barcelona.

In Italy, there were also dramatic clashes between rebels and cops, such as this one in Milano.

Milano 14 novembre: scontri in Corso Magenta verso Palazzo delle Stelline. from MilanoInMovimento on Vimeo.

When millions of citizens reject capitalism in this manner and the only response from governments is to have them physically attacked, the only way forward is revolution. The great uprising has begun!