OCCUPY London activists are braced for eviction - and supporters have been put on stand-by.
A statement was issued on Thursday saying that individuals would be reacting in various ways to the anticipated clearance of the tent city outside St Paul's Cathedral and near the Stock Exchange.

And a dedicated Twitter account, @lsxsos, has been set up just to provide news of an eviction in the midst of much online disinformation.

The February 23 statement said:"Following the Court of Appeal ruling yesterday that none of the applications presented by Occupy London would be heard and that there could be an iminent eviction by bailiffs on behalf of the City of London Corporation, the Occupy London General Assembly yesterday decided by consensus to support the individual decisions of members of the Occupy London camp.

"As such, in the event of eviction of the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp, it is likely that the protestors for social and economic justice will want to symbolically and peacefully mark the eviction in a variety of ways.

"As a movement, Occupy believes in the ability of individuals to make sound choices, given accurate information and the opportunity to discuss their views with others.

"Occupy Legal has produced a document, which has been widely distributed, that gives occupiers and supporters detailed information about the potential consequences of a range of actions.

"Some occupiers chose to leave the camp yesterday. At the same time, as a mark of respect to the generosity of those who had lent us some of the larger tents, we chose to remove the Information Tent, whilst Tent City University, the hub of learning at the camp will remain.

"Concerns were raised about how the end of the camp would affect homeless people who have found comfort, warmth and stability within the OccupyLondon movement, and the offer from the City of London to 'hand themselves in' to Guildhall was met with some scepticism.

"In the community spirit that has been created at the OccupyLSX camp where many have found sanctuary, the logistics of support were discussed at length including not leaving people on their own and making sure that people had enough food, water and kept warm.

"Despite requests, the City of London Corporation has declined to release what it calls ‘operational details’ about its enforcement proceedings. The Corporation has previously refused to rule out a night time eviction."

A separate guidelines document urges supporters to:

Organise an action for the day:
The eviction will be a crucial moment to keep spreading the message about economic and social justice. If you believe in what we are fighting for, feel free to organise an action for that day. Banners, music, performances, poetry… be creative! Use your network to activate these initiatives.

Head to the site as soon as you hear about the eviction:
Numbers will influence how the eviction will take place: the world will be watching. We welcome those who wish to join us hen eviction news is released in order to show their support.

Spread the word:
As soon as you hear about the eviction, please send word throughout your networks.  Let others know what’s going on.

Once onsite:

  • Join the occupiers to defend their right to protest
  • Livestream events from your phone: the world will be watching
  • Help to keep people informed during the eviction, tweet @occupylsxsos
  • Bring blankets, hot drinks and food to the people resisting peacefully.
  • Or simply show your support by being present.
On the day:
  • Wear warm comfortable clothing & shoes.
  • Have some food and water with you.
  • Think about what items you have on you as police may confiscate them.
  • If possible, carry a cheap basic phone with only necessary information in it.
  • Link up with people you trust and agree to look after each other.
  • Notepads and pens are invaluable.
And remember, whatever happens, you can’t evict an idea whose time has come.

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