Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Angry protests after Greek fascists murder Pavlos Fissas


Anger has erupted in Greece following the murder of hip hop artist and anti-fascist activist Pavlos Fissas by Golden Dawn thugs in Athens.

On Wednesday evening protests were held in towns and cities across the country, with reports coming in of vicious attacks on protesters by police, who are often closely allied with the fascists.

From the Greek Streets report: "On the night of September 17th, the 34-year old antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) was murdered by a 45-year old, who openly admitted to the police to being a member of the Golden Dawn.

"Fyssas had been with two friends in the area of Keratsini, in Pireaus. He was attacked by approximately 25 members of the Golden Dawn, one of which stabbed him. Fyssas was taken to the hospital in Nikaia, where he died soon thereafter.

"Originally, the Golden Dawn had refused any link to the 45-year old. However, in a police raid in his house, his Golden Dawn Party member ID was retrieved from the garbage, as allegedly he had tried to discard it."

On Wednesday evening a large anarchist/antifascist block of 3000-4000 people was said to be heading towards Golden Dawn’s offices in Nikaia. Pawn offices were being smashed, with people chanting  "the blood is running, it seeks revenge".

There were also clashes in Keratsini. The air was full of chemicals so a lot of rubbish bins were on fire. Thousands of people were wandering in the streets, with police snatching people who they suspected to be demonstrators.

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