Thursday, 31 December 2009

Afghan resistance kills CIA agents

A SPECTACULAR blow has been struck by the Afghan resistance against the US occupying forces in the final days of 2009.

Reported "More details have emerged in this morning’s perplexing story, in which a suicide bomber attacked what officials called a 'gym' on a military base in Khost Province, killing eight Americans the military identified as 'civilians.'

"Now US officials admit that all eight Americans slain in the attack were actually CIA agents, adding a reason why the Haqqani network was so quickly blamed, as CIA drones have been bombing the Haqqanis in North Waziristan for over a year.

"Moreover, the 'gym' at the Forward Operating Base was actually being used as a CIA 'operations and surveillance center,' explaining the conspicuous lack of military personnel harmed in the attack.

"One former CIA official was quoted as saying the attack was 'the nightmare we’ve been anticipating since we went into Afghanistan and Iraq,' adding that the CIA agents operating in the warzones often lack adequate protection.

"Exactly how the bomber was able to infiltrate the base and reach a secret CIA facility was unclear, and some suggested that the attacker may have been affiliated with one of the Afghan groups working on the base.

"In addition, five Canadians were killed on patrol in Kandahar Province. The five, four soldiers and an embedded reporter were killed when their armored vehicle hit a roadside bomb.

"Finally, though details were not readily available, a Jordanian army captain was slain in Afghanistan, the first death among Jordan’s tiny Afghan contingent since the war began."

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

US plans attack on Yemen

THE US military machine is gearing up to launch a new attack on rebels in Yemen, suggest media reports.

The immediate pretext for the stepping-up of military involvement is the botched bombing attempt on the Delta Airlines flight on Christmas Day that al Qaeda in Yemen claims it organized.

But this attempt has itself been described as a retaliation for recent secret US military involvement in the volatile and strategically crucial Arab state.

American TV news channel CNN reported that two senior U.S. officials told them that the US and Yemen are now looking at fresh targets in Yemen for a potential "retaliation" strike.

It said: "The officials asked not to be not be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information. They both stressed the effort is aimed at being ready with options for the White House if President Obama orders a retaliatory strike. The effort is to see whether targets can be specifically linked to the airliner incident and its planning.

"U.S. special operations forces and intelligence agencies, and their Yemeni counterparts, are working to identify potential al Qaeda targets in Yemen, one of the officials said. This is part of a new classified agreement with the Yemeni government that the two countries will work together and that the U.S. will remain publicly silent on its role in providing intelligence and weapons to conduct strikes.

"Officially the U.S. has not said it conducted previous airstrikes in Yemen, but officials are privately saying the Yemeni military could not have carried out the strikes on its own.

"By all accounts, the agreement would allow the U.S. to fly cruise missiles, fighter jets or unmanned armed drones against targets in Yemen with the consent of that government."

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Greek insurgents bomb bank

GREEK insurgents have carried out a bomb attack on a financial institution in Athens.

Reports After the Greek Riots: "On Monday night, the group conspiracy of cells of fire posted a communique on Athens Indymedia (greek original here) claiming Sunday night’s attack on the national bank and insurance agency on Sygrou Avenue in Athens.

"The explosion was very strong, marking an upgrading in the group’s capacities – as they themselves note in the communique.

"They send 'comradely greetings' to anarchist bank robber and prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis, to Chilean anarchists Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villaruel, to Gabriel Pompo da Silva (who went on hunger strike on December 20 in the prison of Aachen, Germany) as well as Ilias Nikolaou, Polykarops Georgiadis (another two anarchist prisoners in Greece) and finally, Charis Chatzimichelakis and Panayiotis Masouras, as well as the third person in pre-trial detention in connection to the conspiracy of cells of fire case, who they name by initials only."

Corporate media have preferred to name the insurance offices as the target of the attack, perhaps to dampen public sympathy, but, as Reuters India reports, National Insurance is a subsidiary of National Bank, the country's biggest lender.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

British police flee snowballs

TWO British police officers were forced to cower in their patrol car after they were surrounded by around 100 teenagers who pelted their vehicle with snowballs.

Reported The Daily Telegraph on December 24: "The gang shouted 'who are ya' and 'got 'em' as they rained the missiles down on the officers' car.

"One of the officers was seen racing to the vehicle and quickly closing the door before the two-minute attack began.

"Hundreds of snowballs were thrown at the vehicle before the officers decided to flee the country park in Crawley, West Sussex.

"They switched on the vehicle's blue flashing lights as they made their hasty exit.

"As the police car – which was marked Crawley Borough – left the car park, the youths continued to bombard the windscreen, windows and panels with snowballs.

"The attack was captured by one of the gang on a mobile phone and posted on YouTube, the video sharing website, where it has been viewed hundreds of times. "

The videos can be seen here and here.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Colombian poor occupy state office

MORE than 5,000 indigenous, AfroColombian and farming community members are occupying the community center of Piñuña Negro (pictured above) in the department of Putumayo, Colombia, reports Narco News.

They are calling for an end to the US-backed Plan Colombia and the triple threat of military and paramilitary repression and cocoa eradication programmes.

Says the site: "Using tactics of nonviolent resistance, a crowd of all ages has gathered at the highest government office in the area—the Police Inspector’s office—to demand negotiations with local and national government representatives.

"The affected communities say that after three years of unfulfilled promises and unanswered calls for dialogue, there have been no lasting efforts by the government to develop replacement crops, markets and the infrastructure to get crops to markets.

"Instead, community leaders and residents are being falsely accused of being operatives of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-FARC) and subjected to ongoing repression.

"With no means to earn a livelihood, rural communities are enduring widespread malnutrition, disease and lack of educational or economic opportunity.

"The local population has been subjected to rampant abuses by the military, including unprovoked and random armed assaults against civilian populations, the forced procurement of crops and other resources, occupation of homes and farms and a military blockade prohibiting the entry of food and other daily necessities into the area.

"Paramilitary death squads have operated with impunity, threatening the population and, worse, committing assassinations and other acts of violence. "

The occupation is calling for:

· An end to coca eradications in Putumayo until authorities have negotiated and enacted a plan with Colombian authorities that includes an adequate and just crop replacement component;

· A guarantee of safety for protest leaders and community negotiators;

· An end to Plan Colombia and the triple threat of military and paramilitary repression and eradication programs that are the root causes of displacement of indigenous, AfroColombian and farming communities.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Bankers alarmed at anarchist resurgence

NEO-LIBERALS are scared that a growing anarchist movement in Europe will thwart their economic plans for the continent.

That is the opinion of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, international business editor of the right-wing Daily Telegraph in London.

Says his December 20 article: "It is becoming dangerous to associate with economic and ideological power in Southern Europe, or what Europol calls the 'Mediterranean triangle' of anarchist violence."

He explained: "Southern Europe is being ordered to carry out IMF-style austerity, without the IMF-style devaluation required to rectify the massive imbalances that have built up between North and South under the euro. The victims are caught like France and Germany under the Gold Standard of the early 1930s, when society was broken on a wheel of deflation decrees. "

Listing examples of what he calls a "hard-Left resurgence", he records that Greece's Revolutionary Struggle detonated a car bomb at the Athens Stock Exchange in September and Citigroup's branches have been targeted twice this year.

In Milan, the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) planted 2kg of dynamite last week at Bocconi University, the symbol of the free market in Italy.

The FAI left a note threatening a "bloodbath" for capitalists. Security forces have issued alerts for the Milan bourse, Unicredit, and Barclays. Italians have begun to ask whether their country is returning to the 1970s, the "years of lead" when the Red Brigades murdered ex-premier Aldo Moro.

He adds: "The FAI is no friend of Europe either. It sent letter bombs earlier this decade to the heads of the Commission and the European Central Bank and to the European Parliament.
In Spain, Barcelona's anarchists have been conducting a low-level campaign against bank cash machines, supermarkets, and firms such as Manpower. Valencia and Galicia have seen a wave of attacks. "

And he quotes Europol as saying: "Activities by left-wing and anarchist terrorists and extremists are increasing in quantity and geographical spread in the EU."

Monday, 21 December 2009

Chavez warns of US-Dutch attack

THE USA and the Netherlands are planning military aggression against Venezuela from the Dutch Antilles, Hugo Chavez has warned.

The Venezuelan leader was speaking at a meeting with trade unions, political organizations, and social movement leaders in Copenhagen, reports Venezuela Analysis.

Said Chavez: “I am accusing the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with the Yankee empire of preparing a military aggression against Venezuela.

“The islands of Aruba and Curacao, both of which belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, have permitted the installation of United States military equipment on their soil, placing Venezuela under the watch of the United States,” Chavez explained.

“It would be good for Europe to know that the North American empire is arming these islands Aruba and Curacao to the teeth, filling them with war planes, war ships, and CIA spies.”

“Since the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a member of the European Union, I would like to see what the European Union has to say about this,” Chavez declared.

He stressed that the U.S. military presence in the Dutch Antilles, which are located approximately one hundred kilometers off the Venezuelan coast, is only part of broader U.S. strategy to expand its military power in Latin America in order to crush the rise of anti-US governments in the region.

Last year, the U.S. military re-activated the Fourth Naval Fleet of its Southern Command. In October of this year it signed a military pact to use seven Colombian military bases as a launching pad for “full spectrum operations” across the South American continent, according to U.S. Air Force budgetary documents.

“This new Yankee military deployment that is now in full scale development threatens not only Venezuela,” but also other countries whose governments openly support socialism and are members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), Chavez said.

Several of the nine ALBA member countries, including Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, sent representatives to Thursday’s meeting with social movements in Copenhagen as well.

Chile - attack on thermoelectric plant

A HOMEMADE explosive device went off early on Saturday morning on the outskirts of the Colbún thermoelectric plant located alongside Route 160 in Concepción, Chile, report Liberacion Total and this is our job.

Said the sites: "The explosion happened at around midnight, and it affected a security post housing a water meter located more than 200 meters from the plant entrance. The explosion also destroyed a water conduit valve.

"Upon hearing the explosion, company security guards alerted the Carabineros, who turned to GOPE personnel in order to investigate the situation.

"The tyrants confirmed the presence of an explosive device, adding that they found black powder residue, which had been detonated with a slow-burning fuse at the scene."

There is another Spanish-langauge report here.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Naxalite rebels hit back at oppressors

NAXALITE rebels in India have hit back at reactionary state communists involved in brutal attempts to crush their peasant uprising.

The Times of India reports today that the People’s Committee against Police Atrocities "ran amok in many places in Jangalmahal with its militia squad killing four CPM [Communist Party of India - Marxist] cadres and setting several vehicles and three oil tankers on fire".

The report adds: "They also set a sponge iron factory and a forest beat office ablaze.

"On Thursday night, suspected Maoists dragged two CPM cadres — Anil Chalak and Dayal Chalak — from Bandhgora in Jhargram and hacked them to death.

"Police found their bodies on Friday morning. A CPM leader escaped with injuries. Also on Thursday, Maoists beat a CPM supporter at Dherua in Kotwali."

The CPM, a leading part of the government in West Bengal, has for many years been involved in brutal repression of radical opponents and villagers trying to defend their rights, happy to brand whole rural communities as "Maoist" as a pretext for mass arrests and killings.

Naxalites are active across approximately 220 districts in twenty states of India, accounting for about 40 percent of India's geographical area, according to Wikipedia.

They are especially concentrated in an area known as the "Red corridor", where they control 92,000 square kilometers.

According to India's intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, 20,000 armed cadre Naxalites were operating apart from 50,000 regular cadres working in their various mass organizations and millions of sympathisers, and their growing influence prompted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to declare them as the most serious internal threat to India's national security.

The Naxalites are, needless to say, opposed by virtually all mainstream Indian political groups.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Resistance spreads across Greece

RESISTANCE to the neo-liberal junta in Greece is spreading beyond the big cities.

Report Associated Press today: "Greek police say a group of suspected anarchist youths has attacked bank branches in the northern town of Kavala with sledgehammers and petrol bombs.

"Some 15 hooded youths smashed the glass fronts of an Alpha Bank and Bank of Cyprus branch late Wednesday and threw in petrol bombs, police said. Another two banks had their windows smashed.

"All four banks had closed for business hours earlier, and no injuries or arrests were reported. The extent of the damage was not immediately clear. Kavala is some 100 miles (170 kilometers) east of Thessaloniki.

"Greek anarchists frequently firebomb symbols of wealth and authority, but attacks by groups of youths on the street are rare outside the country's two main cities. "
This photo was published by the Greek site Sportime.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Copenhagen - the system is exposed for what it is

THE true, brutal, face of the global capitalist system has been revealed at Copenhagen this week.

All the talk about involving the public in a worldwide effort to combat climate change has been revealed as nothing but a sick lie.

Inside the conference centre the leaders of the powerful elite stitch up a deal with representatives of the corporations to whom they ultimately owe their allegiances, while developing countries are marginalised and environmentalists denied access.

Reported the BBC: "Those unable to take part on Wednesday included campaign group Friends of the Earth. It said its delegates had arrived at the centre to find their badges were no longer valid. "

Outside in the streets, the gloves are off. The usual 'democratic' facade has been removed and police use tear gas, brute force, mass 'preventative' arrests and anything else to crush any sign of dissent to their failing and corrupt world order.

A Times reporter who was trapped with a group of around 2,000 protesters in a police tactic known as "kettling" said that officers were charging demonstrators and using pepper spray to break them up.

Said the newspaper: "Danish police have arrested hundreds of people over the past week and have been accused of being unnecessarily heavy-handed.

"As the demonstrators arrived today, large numbers of police were waiting for them, many with dogs on leashes, and a police helicopter circled overhead. The police were also using plain-clothed officers to infiltrate the protests, grabbing individual protesters and bundling them into police vans. "

All this must have come as a shock to many of the protesters who have flocked to Denmark for the summit.

Certain climate change protesters have the reputation of a somewhat naive attitude to policing, perhaps because of their young age and social background.

All that will have changed now. By striking out so thuggishly at peaceful dissent on the streets, the system could be forging a whole new generation of serious long-term insurgents.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Danish police step up attacks

DANISH police are continuing to use force to attack protesters gathered in Copenhagen for the climate change summit.

Following assaults on demonstrations and mass arrests, they have now seized the opportunity to move into the free space of Christiana, though meeting spirited resistance.

Said one correspondent on Indymedia: "Police are blocking all access roads to Christiania and unconfirmed reports have been heard of activists throwing bottles at them as the authorities show up at a party in preparation for the Reclaim Power action on Wednesday.

"I have witnessed a large police presence ariving at Christiania in Copenhagen on the night of the party two days before the Reclaim Power action which will attempt to force its way into the Bella Center to declare a people's summit.

"A large contingent of riot police screeched to a halt at street corners and baracaded the entrance roads to the site of the squatted free-town.

"I have also heard unconfirmed eye-witness reports of activists responding by throwing bottles at the riot police and I saw plumes of smoke present in the street in front of the event. "

Monday, 14 December 2009

Cracks appear in 'special relationship'

THERE are interesting signs that parts of the British establishment are finally rebelling against remote control from the USA.

In an article in The Times today, Sir Ken Macdonald, director of public prosecutions between 2003 and 2008, says former PM Tony Blair misled and cajoled the British people into a war they didn't want.

He writes: "The degree of deceit involved in our decision to go to war on Iraq becomes steadily clearer.

"This was a foreign policy disgrace of epic proportions and playing footsie on Sunday morning television does nothing to repair the damage.

"It is now very difficult to avoid the conclusion that Tony Blair engaged in an alarming subterfuge with his partner George Bush and went on to mislead and cajole the British people into a deadly war they had made perfectly clear they didn’t want, and on a basis that it’s increasingly hard to believe even he found truly credible."

He adds: "Hindsight is a great temptress. But we needn’t trouble her on the way to a confident conclusion that Mr Blair’s fundamental flaw was his sycophancy towards power.

"Perhaps this seems odd in a man who drank so much of that mind-altering brew at home. But Washington turned his head and he couldn’t resist the stage or the glamour that it gave him."

The extent of US control of leading British politicians remains a taboo subject on the UK political scene, although aired in a fictional form in Robert Harris's novel The Ghost, due to be made into a film by Roman Polanski.

And while today's attack on Blair presents the problem as personal rather than systematic, the fallout from the Iraq war may well open larger cracks in the post-WW2 transatlantic "special relationship".

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Squatters battle police in Turin

POLICE in Turin used armoured cars and brutal methods to clear radical squats on Thursday, it has been reported.

In response a major protest in defence of free spaces has been called for Saturday 19th December at 2pm in front of Torino Porta Susa Train Station.

A report posted on Indymedia described how people blocked the streets in solidarity, stopping the cherry-pickers from getting in, leading to police charges which eventually involved tear gas.

It added: "The protestors resist a little and then disperse, with one arrest, and there is some rioting in the surrounding streets.

"After having cleared all watchful eyes from the area, the forces of order go on to take revenge on the protesters' cars (searching them and ripping off windshield wipers) and sound-systems and mini-kitchens set up for the event are taken to the dump at Via dall'Amiat. Then the eviction begins.

"The infamous cops reach the roof of L'ostile and take down 3 of the 6 who are resisting there; shortly after they pull the remaining three down by force. The radio is talking about burning wheelie-bins in the surrounding streets.

"The cops charge in Piaza Crispi again, with greater presence, shooting tear gas at head hight; after the charge, morale is still high and people are still massing in Piaza Crispi. They block the junction; the charges and counter charges continue, and the cops are now supported by armoured vehicles that are not moving, for now.

"Two people are wounded (a broken finger for one, a boot in the face for another) and two arrested. Taking advantage of the police charge, a van speeds away to take the folks from L'ostile to the police station in Via Tirreno."

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Greece - down with the junta!

AN URGENT statement has been released by Greek radicals, describing the way their country has been taken over by a de facto military/police junta under the guise of a "socialist" government.

Here is the translation as posted on Indymedia.


1) Cops with guns in the demonstrations

2) Motorbike raids against protesters

3) Cops following peaceful demonstrators in their tracks, wild and indiscriminate arrests

4) Staged events such as the alleged assassination attempt against the rector of the Pritanea

5) An enormous number of vague and even criminal charges and arresting people young and old

6) Closing schools on the pretext of swine flu and the merciless beating of students who wanted to get to their schools

7) Undercover cops kidnapping young protesters

8) Higher level visible collaboration between Golden Dawn neo-nazis and the Police

9) Secret meetings between Chrysohoides and the bosses of the TV channels and journalists to decide on how TV reporting was going to be done over these days

10) Secret covert cameras and helicopters hovering constantly

11) Zero tolerance makes a bitter orange and a stone against a bank a felony and a pretext for a police attack

12) BAN on demonstrations and political gatherings in the conversion areas with massive police intimidation and outrageous filing

13) Hacker attacks on indymedia, and sites of squatted places and TVXS (no borders TV), deleting comments

14) Invasion and PREVENTIVE ARRESTS in many self-managed spaces.

15) In an Orwellian way anarchists and the rebels are referred to "fascists and Nazis!".

16) Junta-like removal of asylum [in the universities] AND HOW MUCH MORE!

Some of these things happened in isolation, and some only happened before under the junta in 1967-1974; others have never happened before, only now. They never ever happened altogether in such a short space of time!

It seems that the crash which happened here and they are hiding, like the indomitable December, has the power to activate an emergency plan, a new ‘PLASTER CAST’. [repeating the pronuncement of the junta in 1967]

These moments are more than historical. We are witnessing for the first time since 1967 an attempt to impose a fascist police coup. If a parliamentary democracy are able to commit those crimes, the junta is something different and we have all have begun to understand that.

The anarchist slogans in the streets are beginning to say bluntly: "DOWN THE JUNTA" A collusion of prosecutors, rectors, the upper classes, TV media and police, and still we do not know what other local and foreign forces have been mustered. You hear of missing people. The climate is heavy like unde the junta.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Indonesia - thousands march against corruption

ANTI-CORRUPTION protesters have taken to the streets of Indonesia despite a threatening police presence.

Reported the Irrawaddy website: "Thousands of people gathered at rallies throughout Indonesia on Wednesday to demand government action to end widespread corruption among politicians, police and other public officials.

"More than a dozen rallies—an annual event in this Muslim-dominated nation to mark International Anti-Corruption Day—were planned for the national capital of Jakarta and several of Indonesia's other larger cities.

"The palace of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono—who is under pressure to act after winning re-election in July on promises of stamping out graft—was to be the site of a large protest later in the day, protest organizer Usman Hamid said. Hundreds of anti-riot police personnel were stationed outside his palace, backed up by two water cannons."

The previous day the president had warned that unnamed forces could hijack the rally to topple him.

"There will be 10,000 police personnel deployed tomorrow in several spots that will be passed by demonstrators," Jakarta police spokesman Boy Rafli told AFP.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Greece - oppression without precedent

RESISTANCE continues on the streets of Greece, despite massive and vicious police repression.

Reported the Occupied London blog, live from Athens: "The oppression has no precedent. The state is clearly trying to terrorize the population, but until now the only thing that they achieve is to make everybody angry, and more people come out to the streets. The streets will will, or else the terror will win..."

It is clear that it is not just the Greek state that has a vested interest in propping up the corrupt capitalist system there and preventing real change after the cosmetic hand-over of power to the so-called "socialists".

The UK has already sent Scotland Yard officers to Athens to help fight the popular uprising on behalf of the global elite.

Said an anlaytical report on "U.K. anti-terrorism officials are concerned that the next step in the year-long campaign of violence is for guerrilla groups to target foreign nationals in copycat assassinations of the type practiced by the now-defunct November 17 terrorist group. In October, unknown gunmen opened fire on a police station, injuring six officers and seriously testing the new government."

It quoted a Greek security expert as saying: “The British are more interested in preventing a new terrorist problem from gaining strength because they don’t want to get to the point where these groups move from bombings to assassinations.”

And it added: "Greece is a point of particular concern for European intelligence organizations. Aside from being the exposed southeastern flank of the European Union, it has a past of inspiring European leftism. The 1965 riots in Greece, known as the "Iouliana", were stomped out domestically but inspired the events of 1968 in western Europe."

On Monday more demonstrations took place all over the country. In Thessaloniki the turnout was even bigger then the previous day, estimated at 8,000-10,000.

Reported ABC News: "Riot police clashed with stone-throwing youths in Athens as violence marred a second day of demonstrations held to mark the fatal shooting of a teenager by police a year ago.

"Police charged the crowd with tear gas and made nine arrests after several hundred youths, some as young as 12, hurled stones at store windows and the security forces as some 5,000 demonstrators set off towards parliament.

"Another two youths were arrested for pelting a police station with stones as thousands of students rallied to pay tribute to Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead at age 15 during mass youth riots last year, a police source said.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Riots in Athens after cops attack march

RIOTS broke out in Athens today after police attacked the demonstration marking the anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos by armed cops.

An eye-witness report said: "Today’s demonstration had around 15,000 people, met by around 10,000 cops on the streets. The demonstration was attacked only a few minutes after it started: Two eye-witnesses from Occupied London saw at least ten unprovoked arrests right the spot, on the corners of Panepistimiou Avenue and Ippokratous Street.

"In Exarcheia, riot police swept through the square. Around 100 of us tried to find refuge in the building of the Migrants’ Haunt on Tsamadou street. The pigs in uniform stood outside the building, tear-gassing through the windows and doors. Tear-gassing in an indoors space is, of course, potentially murderous attack."

In Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city, demonstrators threw petrol bombs at police and smashed the storefront of a Starbucks cafe, say media reports.

The BBC website has a video of clashes, showing clearly the aggressive tactics used by the Greek state, now under "socialist" control.

Repression and resistance in Greece

THOUSANDS of angry Greeks will take to the streets today (Sunday) on the anniversary of the death of teenager Alexandros Grigoropolous.

The stakes have been raised by draconian state action yesterday, in which 160 people were arrested in police raids ahead of the mass protests.

As part of the response, the Polytechnic university of Athens was occupied. A statement was issued declaring: "A year after the murder of by the Greek state, the regime enforcing army are attempting to seize every corner of the city.

"The uniformed murderers have invaded the social centre, 'Resalto', in Keratsini. They attacked youths and have blockaded all entrances and exits to places of social and political struggle. They have surrounded Exarhia and the Polytechnic, and continue to make large numbers of arrests and detainments.

"The puppets of the regime, the media, are transmitting state propaganda and as a result are creating an atmosphere and terror.

"One year after the social upheaval of December 2008, the system of oppression and exploitation is once again attempting to re-assert its authority. The Government are attempting to enforce a state of emergency in order to drown out social utrage and enforce the silence of a cemetery on society. We are calling every person who wants to resist to do so by any means possible."

A later post on the After the Greek Riots site on Saturday added: "The message is becoming crystal-clear: democracy takes no chances, it only takes prisoners. Democracy smashes into the spaces that annoy it to the slightest; it only democracy to invert history: the assassins become the victims, the victims become the villains.

"But tomorrow is our day. Demonstrations have been called for in cities across the country (Mytilene, Heraklion, Larisa, Sparta, Agrinio, Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Corfu, Xanthi, Samos, Athens, Rhodes, Lamia, Serres, Volos, Giannena, Patras, Arta, Corinth, Kardisa)."

The building of “Olympion” cinema, in the northern city of Thessaloniki has now also been occuped (see photo). It’s one of the most central spots of the city (Aristotle square) and it was taken in order to convert it to a focus for resistance. A communique was published and handed out calling for “everyone to go out to the streets”.

After the Greek Riots is promising ongoing coverage of the unfolding events.

Friday, 4 December 2009

German anarchists 'declare war on state'

ANARCHIST attacks on police stations and political offices in Berlin and Hamburg over Thursday night were a “declaration of war” on the state, the head of the German Police Union (DPoIG) has claimed.

Reported The Local, an English-language news site in Germany, on Friday December 4: "Unknown perpetrators, assumed to be left-wing extremists, threw Molotov cocktails, paint bombs and cobblestones at Berlin’s Treptow district Federal Criminal Police (BKA) office overnight.

"Meanwhile local offices for the centre-left Social Democrats and the conservative Christian Democrats were also vandalised with anti-war graffiti.

"Around the same time in Hamburg, about 10 masked perpetrators attacked a police precinct in the Schanzenviertel neighbourhood, setting a police cruiser alight, damaging other police cars and breaking windows with stones.

"On Friday afternoon the Berliner Morgenpost also reported that a southern wing of the Chancellory had also been vandalised with three Christmas tree decoration bulbs full of paint."

The paper quoted DPoIG leader Rainer Wendt as saying that though no one was injured in either of the attacks they were a sign of a “new escalation in the spiral of violence”.

“The attacks were anything but spontaneous, and executed in an almost professional manner,” he said.

The Police Union took the incidents so seriously on Friday that they encouraged the conference of state interior ministers, currently underway in Bremen, to take immediate action, hardening criminal prison sentences for attacks on officers and increasing police personnel.

An 84-page study presented by Berlin Interior Minister Ehrhart Körting this November detailed left-wing violence in the German capital, describing the anarchists as “willing to hazard the consequences of major property damage and severe injury to people.”

In 2009, some 125 cars – many of them luxury status-symbol models – were purposely burned by Autonomen in Berlin. The number has more than doubled since last year, when 72 cars were targeted. Police in Hamburg reported 150 burned cars – 16 of which were proven to be politically motivated.

Wendt said without government support, such incidents will continue to occur.

“The investigation goes on, but I have little hope it will be successful,” he said. “This is a declaration of the war on the police and on the state.”

Thursday, 3 December 2009

UK police terrorise photographers

BRITISH police continue to abuse so-called "anti-terrorist" powers to harrass people taking photographs in public places.

The ongoing scandal has been highlighted in the Independent newspaper on December 3 and 4.

It reported how police are stopping and interrogating completely innocent people taking pictures of anything from tourist spots to fish and chip shops, apparently under the impression that they possess a totalitarian-state carte blanche to do whatever they want.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, the Government's independent reviewer of anti-terrorism laws, told the paper: "The fact that someone is taking photographs is not prima facie a good reason for stop and search and is very far from raising suspicion. It is a matter of concern and the police will know that they have to look at this very carefully."

Lord Carlile's comments come just days after a BBC journalist was stopped and searched by two police community support officers as he took photographs of St Paul's Cathedral. Days earlier Andrew White, 33, was stopped and asked to give his name and address after taking photographs of Christmas lights on his way to work in Brighton.

Jenny Jones, a Green Party member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Scotland Yard's governing body, said police officers stopping innocent people, as Section 44 of the Terrorism Act, allows them to do, was "unacceptable" and "illegal".

She added: "Some officers think they have the right to seize cameras. It is unbelievable and amounts to an abuse of power."

A campaign group called I'm A Photographer Not a Terrorist has been set up in response to the police intimidation.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Workers to strike at US giant

ANGRY workers the north of England are to go on strike at an American computer giant.

Staff at Hewlett Packard in Preston and on the Fylde coast are to stage a 24-hour strike after voting overwhelmingly for industrial action in a dispute over pay and jobs.

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union said its members at the firm's Enterprise Services section, including those working on Government IT contracts, will walk out on December 10.

Reports the Fleetwood Weekly News: "Officials said there had been growing anger among staff over job losses and a pay freeze since Hewlett Packard (HP) took over EDS in August 2008.

"Up to 1,000 union members will take part in the strike, including those working on IT contracts for the Department for Work and Pensions in Newcastle upon Tyne, Washington, Preston and on the Fylde coast."

The local paper quotes PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka as saying: "It is disgraceful that hard-working staff who are shouldering greater workloads and contributing significantly to HP's revenue and profits should be rewarded with pay freezes and job losses.

"The ballot result illustrates the depth of anger amongst a workforce who face a second year of pay freezes despite the company delivering fourth quarter revenues of 30.8 billion US dollars.

"Management cannot continue to take staff for granted and need to start rewarding staff properly and give them guarantees over job security."

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Greece faces meltdown

GREECE faces economic collapse as well as an insurrection, latest media reports suggest.

Said The Guardian on Monday: "The likelihood of Greece becoming the next Iceland and plunging into bankruptcy looms over a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels today as the Greeks prepare to take another pasting from their colleagues.

"After years of profligacy, hosting the costliest Olympic games ever in 2004 and failing to rein in its spiralling public debt, the country was on the brink of defaulting on loans, according to some seasoned commentators.

"National debt – the highest in the EU and projected to rise to 135.4 % in 2011 – has made the outlook grimmer still. After years of posting 4% growth rates, the economy is expected to contract 1.2% in 2009 with unemployment levels tipped to top 9% amid growing poverty."

The news comes days before December 6, the anniversary of the death of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos, shot by police in Athens, which sparked last winter's uprising.

EU politicians are worried that the economic failure, as well as the insurrection, could spread to other European states.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Iraqi resistance hits US forces

AN IRAQI resistance group has released brief video footage of one of its latest rocket attacks on American occupying forces.

A report on the War in Iraq website said fighters from the 1920 Revolutionary Brigades first shelled US headquarters at the al Bakr air base with two rockets, scoring a direct hit.

In a second operation they shelled American occupation headquarters in northern Baghdad with two rockets, also hitting the target.

And thirdly they said they destroyed a "carrier of American occupation forces" with an IED in western Baghdad.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Northern England on recession riot alert

SOCIAL unrest could flare up in Yorkshire, UK, unless the problem of youth unemployment is tackled, the boss of a major quango has warned.

Regional newspaper The Star reported on November 28 that Tom Riordan, the chief executive of business organisation Yorkshire Forward, warned MPs the number of young people out of work is a "huge risk" to the region.

He said "one of the biggest risks" is that youth unemployment could spark social unrest.

Added the report: "His blunt warning will raise the spectre of the riots which broke out in 1981 – a time of recession and rising unemployment – in Liverpool and Brixton.

"There were 49,600 people under 25 claiming jobseeker's allowance according to the latest figures."

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Anti-WTO riots erupt in Geneva

RIOTS erupted in Geneva on Saturday during massive and angry protests against the World Trade Organisation meeting being held there from Monday.

Black Bloc anarchists smashed windows of banks and other capitalist premises and set fire to cars.

Said a report on Indymedia: "Police used tear gas, concussion greandes and water cannon. Further protests are scheduled with the WTO meeting starting on Monday 30th November, ten years exactly since the famous Seattle WTO protests."

According to the Associated Press, Eric Grandjean, a police spokesman, said Black Bloc protesters threw fire bombs at police from the march.

"They also damaged 12 businesses, including a bank at Place Bel-Air and a jewellery shop and a hotel on the Quai des Bergues," he added.

A BBC report, which includes a video, helpfully explained that the protest was being staged because of the arrival in town of the WTO "which protesters say works on behalf of big business and exploits the developing world".

Swiss paper Le Matin has a gallery of photos on its website. The protest involved 4,000 to 5,000 people.

NATO forces rocked by scandal

SCANDALS relating to the war in Afghanistan are rocking key NATO countries.

The current situation, with morale spiralling down to disastrous levels, was usefully summarised by the Canadian blog RedBedHead on November 27.

It wrote: "Canada's role in facilitating the torture of suspects - many of them likely innocent - has become a central public issue here. In Britain the revelation that MI6 supported torture against British citizens in Pakistan has become a major issue. And, now in Germany, where anti-war sentiment is very high, the prosecution of the war is causing deep political damage.

"Today the Labour Minister, formerly Defense Minister, Franz Josef Jung was forced to sign his own walking papers after it was revealed by the tabloid Bild that he knew about the killing of numerous civilians resulting from a Kunduz airstrike in September.

"The German army called in NATO fighters to bomb two fuel tankers that had been seized by the Taliban, even though there were numerous civilians taking advantage of the free fuel being provided to them.

"Jung had originally stated that he didn't know there were civilians killed but it has since been discovered that he was told on the day that the bombing took place and that he received a top secret video showing that the carnage included children.

"The German military's chief of staff in Afghanistan has also been a casualty of this cover-up, resigning earlier this week.

"Germany, which has 4,250 troops in Afghanistan has faced significant opposition at home to the deployment. This will, hopefully, further weaken the hand of the government to keep its troops there.

"All of these scandals are simply proof that the occupation of Afghanistan is a criminal operation that involves dehumanizing the locals to the point that bombing civilians, including children, is seen as nothing more than potential bad press that needs to be covered up. Same for torture, as we're seeing so vividly here in Canada. It's time to stop the killing by bringing the troops home."

Friday, 27 November 2009

New repression in Honduras

A NEW raft of repressive measures has been unleashed on the population of Honduras in the run-up to the phoney elections being staged by the military coup regime on Sunday.

The Narco News website has published what it terms the 'greatest hits' from this week’s barrage of decrees.

Decree PCM-M-029-2009

“Due to growing internal threats,” the Armed Forces will be deployed, in support of the National Police, to guard polling places, the custody and transport of ballots (before and after they are utilized by voters), and 5,000 members of the military reserve were deputized beginning on November 13.

Decree PCM-M-030-2009

This decree declares a “State of Emergency” nationwide, and places the regime’s “Secretary of State” inside the military command to oversee all activities related to the November 29 “elections.” This decree pretty much erases the previous order that the quasi-independent Supreme Electoral Tribunal would exclusively be in command of the Armed Forces in the month prior to the “election.” In other words, not even the window dressing added to give the vote a gloss of pseudo-independence could be tolerated by regime leader Roberto Micheletti, who has now placed a member of his Simian Council at that helm.

Decree PCM-M-031-2009

The November 29 “elections are under threat by groups that try to block their development with threats of all kinds, creating fear and disorder in the general population.” Therefore, says the decree, a nationwide ban on bearing all types of firearms went into effect on Monday, November 23, “until ordered otherwise.” (Memo to self: Make sure to write the National Rifle Association about Senator Jim DeMint's efforts in Honduras.)

Order number 2169-2009 of the Secretary of Government and Justice

“The conduct of Mr. José Andrés Tamayo Cortez is incongruent with constituional precepts and secondary laws of the Honduran State… that justify his characterization as UNWORTHY to have Honduran nationality and is ordered to be expelled to his country of origin.”

Executive Order 124-2009 authorizes the coup regime's media regulating organization CONATEL to close any media at will.

Narco News gave this message to the regime: "Dear Mr. Micheletti, members of his Simian Council, and all who back his anti-democracy coup: Have fun with your mock “elections” on Sunday.

"The only thing more interesting than the week to come – and there still may be some big surprises about to unfold from the ground level – is going to be the week afterward, as you enter your next squalid series of tantrums upon the realization that not even your own populace believes that your “election” was legitimate or worthy of respect. Your game of electoral make-believe will resolve nothing."

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Danish cops declare war on legal advice

DANISH police have warned climate change protesters not to publish legal advice in the run-up to the big international demonstrations in Copenhagen in December.

The Copenhagen Post reports that Mogens Lauridsen, deputy chief superintendent of Copenhagen Police, has condemned advice for protestors published on the internet, declaring: "These recommendations are aimed at people with a criminal agenda".

Explained an article on Indymedia: "The advice for protestors includes an explanation of laws which the police may use against them as well as their legal rights under Danish law.

"Such legal guides are often published ahead of protests to inform demonstrators of the risks they may face and advice about how police may act towards them - during protests and if they are arrested. They are of particular relevance where protestors are coming from other countries where laws and police procedures differ.

"The Danish police force, like all police forces, does not have an unblemished record when it comes to the treatment of protestors.

"Recently a letter signed by members of several British NGOs including Friends of the Earth, Jubilee Debt Campaign and Christian Aid was sent to the Danish embassy (and published in the Guardian) highlighting concerns over the curtailing of legitimate protest around the Copenhagen climate summit after new repressive public order legislation was proposed. The legislation proposed includes an extension of pre-emptive detention from 6 hours to 12 hours.

"National differences in public order laws also led a mainstream NGO coalition to ask for clarification over whether its members wearing panda costumes would be arrested on the streets of Copenhagen, since in Denmark the wearing of masks (or even the assumed intention to wear a mask) can be an arrestable offence.

"The people from around the world planning to protest at the Cop15 climate summit deserve to know how the police may treat them, and no civilised society should object to such information being published."

Police chief Lauridsen was quoted as saying: "If you haven’t done anything wrong then there’s no problem informing us what you’re doing in Denmark and why you’re here.".

But, as an Indymedia user comments: "So much for 'freedom and democracy!' If you haven't done anything wrong, it's no business of the police as to why you're in Denmark, or what you're doing."

British police 'abusing their powers'

DISPLAYS of force by police in riot gear threaten to undermine the very basis of the 'British model of policing by consent', a major report warned on November 25.

The policing of events like the G20 protests in London in April and the demonstrations at Kingsnorth power station in Kent have exposed poor leadership, widely varying tactics and a widespread misunderstanding of the rights of protesters, it said.

Denis O'Connor, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, said: "British police risk losing the battle for the public's consent if they win public order through tactics that appear to be unfair, aggressive or inconsistent," he said.

The Times reported that his findings showed some police forces trained officers in using riot shields to attack people, police abused their powers of stop and search and photographing of demonstrators and they often did not understand the law on the right to protest and the extent of police powers;

In the place of political leadership, the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) had developed more and more policy making and operational roles without having to answer to the public in any forum, said Mr O'Connor.

The report said Acpo's roles in gathering intelligence on "domestic extremism" was not compatible with its current status as a private limited company.

"If Acpo is to be responsible for providing operational support and policy for the police service, it must have transparent governance and accountability structures."

Monday, 23 November 2009

'Wear black and rise up!'

WEAR black, take to the streets and rise up in memory of the men, women and children killed in the Israeli onslaught in Gaza a year ago.

That's the message from anti-militarist direct action group Smash EDO! as it launches details of its next big protest on Monday January 18.

Its activists have been campaigning for several years against a factory in Brighton, Sussex, UK, which supplies weapons parts to the military machine, including the Israelis.

Said the group this week on its website:
"For three weeks in January 2009, the bombs rained down on Gaza. At the end of Israel's brutal bombing campaign and ground offensive over 1400 Palestinians had been murdered, including 314 children.

"Here in Brighton EDO MBM/ITT manufacture some of the weapons components that devastated so many lives. All over the world thousands of people watched appalled at the carnage on the streets of Gaza. Thousands marched and raged at the destruction of peoples' homes and lives. On January 18th 2010, the anniversary of the final day of Operation Cast Lead, we will come together to remember the people of Gaza.

"We will not allow those who supported their pain and profited from their suffering to go unchallenged. We will not let this genocide be forgotten. On the first anniversary after their deaths, we will rise up. We will take to the streets. We will remember...

"Assemble at 1pm, wear black...

"More details, including the meeting place, will be published here closer to the date."

Sunday, 22 November 2009

British army chiefs attack USA

AN ASTONISHING attack on American arrogance by angry British military chiefs has been revealed in a newspaper report based on leaked secret documents.

While British political leaders are generally groomed to obey orders from Washington and keep their mouths shut, outraged army commanders have let the cat out of the bag regarding the one-sided balance of the 'special relationship'.

The report in The Daily Telegraph, on Monday November 23 refers to "deep hostiltity" towards the Americans among top British soldiers.

It quotes the British chief of staff in Iraq, Colonel J.K.Tanner, who served as chief of staff to General Stewart and of the entire British division during Operation Telic 3, from November 2003 to May 2004 as saying: “The whole system was appalling. We experienced real difficulty in dealing with American military and civilian organisations who, partly through arrogance and partly through bureaucracy, dictate that there is only one way: the American way.

“I now realise that I am a European, not an American. We managed to get on better…with our European partners and at times with the Arabs than with the Americans. Europeans chat to each other, whereas dialogue is alien to the US military… dealing with them corporately is akin to dealing with a group of Martians."

Col Tanner’s boss, the top British commander in the country, Major General Andrew Stewart, told how he spent “a significant amount of my time” “evading” and “refusing” orders from his US superiors.

At least once, say the documents, General Stewart’s refusal to obey an order resulted in Britain’s ambassador to Washington, Sir David Manning, being summoned to the State Department for a diplomatic reprimand - of the kind more often delivered to “rogue states” such as Zimbabwe or the Sudan.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Philippines 'could become another Afghanistan for USA'

PHILIPPINE revolutionaries are warning that their country could become another Afghanistan for the USA.

As US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made a two-day visit, the National Democratic Front-Mindanao (NDF-Mindanao) reiterated the demand of the Filipino people for the US government to immediately pull-out the US Pacific Command's 600-strong Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines (JSOTFP) from Mindanao and elsewhere in the Philippines.

Should the US refuse and instead continue heightening its military intervention and escalate its participation in counter-guerrilla operations, Mindanao and the entire Philippines could become another Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam where its forces will be caught in a spiral of armed mass resistance, warned the rebels.

Said Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos, spokesman for the NDF-Mindanao, in a statement posted on the Fightbacknews website: "Despite persistent denials of Philippine and US officials, there is clear proof that US soldiers have been participating in counter-guerrilla operations jointly with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Mindanao and other parts of the Philippines.

"However, US military officials have been more forthright in bragging about the participation of American soldiers in operations against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Abu Sayaff.

"This year, US military elements were documented to have had an active role along with AFP regular troops in four separate operations in the town of Quezon, and the cities of Malaybalay and Valencia in Bukidnon province. American soldiers penetrated local villages in search of local guerrilla units of the New People's Army (NPA). Since 2002, American troops have also been sighted in other parts of Mindanao, as well as in Samar, Panay, Bicol, Southern Tagalog and Central Luzon.

"The NDF-Mindanao would like to warn Ms. Clinton that in participating in local counter-guerilla operations, US forces are bound to suffer a bigger number of casualties. Last September, at least two American soldiers were killed when ambushed in Indanan, Sulu by local armed groups. Earlier this year, an American soldier was wounded in Bicol when the AFP unit he was embedded in was ambushed by NPA Red fighters.

"Highlighting Ms. Clinton’s visit, the NPA has launched series of tactical offensives and sanctions across Mindanao as one way of underscoring the demand of the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces for the Obama government to immediately withdraw all its forces from the country and to end its interventionist policy.

"The NDF-Mindanao denounces the publicity gimmick of Ms. Clinton in her plan to have her picture taken with the victims of recent supertyphoons that left thousands homeless and more impoverished then before. This is hypocrisy of the highest sort!

"It is a historical fact that US logging and mining companies and big agribusiness corporations have been the biggest plunderers of Philippine natural resources and pollutants of the environment. The destruction that they have caused and continue to cause is the single-biggest cause of landslides, flooding and ecological imbalance. They are among the biggest landgrabbers that have displaced millions of peasants and indigenous peoples in Mindanao and the entire country.

"The US government is overlooking the responsibility of US monopoly corporations over the destruction of the Philippine environment. If Ms. Clinton and the Obama government were any sincere in the Filipino people's plight over the continued environmental degradation, they would compel logging and mining concessions and big agribusiness corporations, especially those which are directly-owned or are in partnership with US-based companies, to immediately stop their operations.

"Instead, the US brazenly took advantage of the calamities by deploying American troops for so-called humanitarian operations which only serve to mask US imperialism's military interventionism."

Police station firebombed in Brussels

RIOTS broke out in Belgium on Friday night, November 20, over the brutal and racist treatment of prisoners by police.

A report on RTL info
said youngsters had firebombed and damaged the main police station in the Anderlecht area of Brussels, having spread the word by text message.

The crowds also broke car windows and smashed up phone boxes and the state is expected to flood the area with extra police all weekend.

Anger erupted over reports of police maltreatment of prisoners at the nearby Forest jail earlier this year, during a strike by the usual wardens. A prison watchdog has reporrted instances of torture, degrading treatment and islamophobic insults.

7s7 Belgique reported that groups of rioters had met up around the Place de la Vaillance and near the Aumale metro station, before splitting up and reforming elsewhere.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Riots break out across France

RIOTS erupted in cities across France this week, with cars torched and a supermarket looted.

The outbreak was sparked by the Algerian football team's success in beating Egypt to qualify for next year's World Cup, but reflects a simmering anger in French society that is never far from the surface.

Said a report from AFP on November 19: "France has a large community of Algerian origin and about 12,000 of them turned out on the Champs Elysees in Paris to fete their team's win.

"Police intervened when some revellers began throwing bottles and other projectiles and smashing shop windows, a police spokesman said.

"Similar violent scenes took place in Marseille in the south, Lyon in the centre-east as well as in some northern towns, and youths set fire to around 150 vehicles in cities across the country.

"Trouble-makers burst into a supermarket in Vaulx-en-Velin in the Lyon suburbs and made off with electronic goods and telephones, police said.

"Six police officers were injured in the incidents."

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

US cops Taser ten-year-old

AMERICAN police used a Taser gun on a ten year old girl who had refused to take a shower, it has emerged.

Reported the Daily Telegraph on November 19:
"The officer had been called to the girl's home in Ozark, Arkansas, by her mother because she was behaving in an unruly manner and refusing to take a shower."

In a report on the incident the officer, Dustin Bradshaw, said the mother gave him permission to use the Taser.

When he arrived, the girl was curled up on the floor, screaming, and resisting as her mother tried to get her in the shower before bed.

"Her mother told me to take her if I needed to," the cop wrote.

The child was "violently kicking and verbally combative" when he tried to take her into custody and she kicked him in the groin.

He then delivered "a very brief drive stun to her back," the report said.

The local Police Chief Jim Noggle said no disciplinary action was taken against Bradshaw, but the girl will face disorderly conduct charges as a juvenile.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Greeks battle riot police in capital protest

IT'S started already - major clashes between Greek rebels and the state have taken place in Athens during an annual march to honor the 1973 anti-junta student revolt.

Said a report on the libcom website filed on Tuesday night, November 17: "The 36th anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising against the colonels' junta has been marked by long and sustained battles with the police during which hundreds of people have been detained. At the time of writing all central Athens is off bounds.

"At the time of writing all central Athens is off-bounds and cordoned off by thousands of police forces as battles between protesters and police are developing after the end of the 36th anniversary march for the Polytechnic 1973 uprising and massacre.

"It was perhaps the most massive protest march commemorating the Polytechnic Uprising in the last 25 years. And despite guarantees from the government the presence of the police in the city of Athens was massive and provocative to the extend that the official organising bodies of the march refused to start their long way via the Parliament to the American Embassy (believed to be behind the 7 year fascist junta) if riot police forces did not withdraw.

"After 16:00 policemen arrested a young man claimed to be in possession of a molotov cocktail, while during the hours preceding the march a dozen of protesters en route to the Polytechneio were detained for carrying gas masks. Police blockades have sealed off large areas of the Athens centre and are all day conducting mass stop and search operations even in the remotest northern and western suburbs of the city."

Reported the Iranian TV station Press TV: "Students and adolescents were among the tens of thousands marching across the Greek capital, criticizing capitalism and NATO and calling for the legalization of undocumented migrants.

"Uniformed soldiers and sailors from the Greek military trade union marched behind a banner which read: “No soldiers beyond our borders. Dissolve NATO.”

"The protestors also called for the withdrawal of all US troops from Greece and the dismissal of certain police personnel, calling them traitors, murderers, and torturers."

Naxalite rebellion is 'anarchist'

INDIA'S Communist Party has joined the capitalist establishment in attacking the growing naxalite rebellion in the country.

Reported The Times of India: "CPM general secretary Prakash Karat on Friday said ultra-Left in India was nothing but part of Left-sectarian and anarchist trend.

"Stressing the need for 'political-idelogical exposure' of Maoists in India, Karat, however, cautioned the government not to treat them as terrorists and even admitted that they had struck a chord among tribals and a section of intelligentsia.

"Giving out a historical perspective on the growth of Maoists in India, Karat said wherever Left has grown, there has been Left-sectarian and anarchist trends. He cited Lenin saying how petty bourgeoisie was drawn to anarchism when it experienced horrors of capitalism."

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Greece: new tension ahead over police murder

GREEK rebels are preparing for another hot December of resistance, as some significant events loom up on the calendar.

"Before the cops’ trial however, there is the annual commemoration of the anti-dictatorial student uprising of November 17th, 1973. The ministry of public order (in its new doublespeak, ministry of “citizen protection”) is trying to keep the calm ahead of this date – and of course December 6th, the date of Alexis’ assassination, is not too far in the horizon."

The potential for unprecedented levels of insurrection in Greece in the weeks ahead has not gone unnoticed in the UK corporate media.

A hand-wringing liberal-leftist writing on The Guardian's website on November 15, and deploying the term 'terrorism' with notable frequency, said: "In a few weeks, Greece will commemorate the "December events", which began last year when a police officer killed a young boy in Exarhia, an area that's been described as a semi-ghetto of leftist dissidents and anarchists in the centre of Athens.

"Following this event, weeks of protests ensued and from there began a trajectory of decline on many levels of society, which ended with the fall of the undoubtedly inadequate government.

"Then, just three weeks on from the victorious election of a new government, and a wave of grassroots terrorism was making headlines. This was, apparently, unprecedented: it is said that never before had there been a substantial wave of terrorist activities during the honeymoon of a new government."

Irish army gears up for riots

THE IRISH state is preparing to use the army to suppress major civil unrest by spending a third of a million Euros on providing it with new riot gear.

Reported the Irish Independent on November 15: "The order, placed with Daniel Technologies of Dublin, includes protective knee and armpads, helmets and visors, while soldiers also have access to body armour, batons and shields. Enough material has been ordered to equip 500 soldiers.

"The equipment will be kept in barracks near locations where public order disturbances could break out. These are likely to include the Dail, the border and Shannon Airport. The last order for such equipment was in 2000.

"Tender documents show the order was for the 'supply of public order blunt trauma personnel protective equipment for use in public order, crowd and riot control operations at home and abroad'."

A Defence Forces spokesman was quoted as denying the army was being told to prepared for the proposed national strike on November 24.

A recent report from the IMF said Ireland was suffering the severest recession of any advanced economy.

It said the the country was in “the midst of an unprecedented economic correction” with losses at its banks predicted to swell to €35bn (£30bn) over the next two years.

“The stress exceeds that being faced currently by any other advanced economy and matches episodes of the most severe economic distress in post-World War II history,” the IMF said.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Wave of student resistance across Europe

A WAVE of student occupations against the latest neoliberal assault on education is sweeping across Europe.

Young people are waking up to the fact that "reforms" being brought in by their own local states are just part of an overall plan to commercialise universities - increasing fees and gearing them up to fulfill the narrow demands of business.

Said a report on the movement in Barcelona: "Under the auspices of the 'Bologna Process', a plan to homogenise European higher education, the Spanish state is enforcing a university reform that is threatening the public nature of education.

"The most detrimental aspects of this reform include the raising of tuition fees, making it increasingly difficult for working-class students to access higher education and increasing student debt, as well as facilitating the entry of private capital to the university, which threatens to change the priorities of the university’s education and research programmes.

"The ultimate goal of the reform is to strengthen links between universities and the capitalist market, moulding students for a precarious and unequal job market and rolling back public control over the key institutions of our society."

German Indymedia this week reported strikes in three Bavarian unis, plus occupations in Berlin, Mainz, Essen, Duisburg, Munster, Dresden, Schwenningen, Hamburg, Coburg, Tubingen, Aachen and Monchengladbach.

Said a report on the infoshop site, focusing on Austrian student resistance: "The Bologna process aims at extensive convergence with the Anglo-American education system. The goal is to enter competition in the global education market to strengthen its own economic position and increase research dependent revenues.

"Economization and competition logic are imposed on every level of the knowledge landscape."

A statement by students in Vienna issued this week demanded "education, not qualification!" It added: "We want education for all, to strive for a reasonable society, not just qualification according to economic profitability! Our aim is to enable all students to study independently and self-organized.

"We demand free access to higher education for everybody and the complete abolition of student fees."

Deadly strike against Pakistan secret police

INSURGENTS have struck a deadly blow against Pakistan's notorious secret police, the ISI, with a spectacular suicide car bomb attack on their offices in Peshawar on Friday morning.

Much of the three-story building belonging to Pakistan's national intelligence agency was destroyed, according to reports.

Said Radio France International: "At least five security personnel working at the provincial headquarters of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) were killed, according to officials, who put the overall death toll at ten. A second car bomb rammed into a suburban police station, killing three police officers."

The ISI has been at the forefront of the US-led campaign against the Taliban, who have increasingly operated inside Pakistan during the US occupation of neighbouring Afghanistan.

But there are also well documented links between ISI and Islamist insurgent groups, with the ISI often seen as the go-between linking western intelligence agencies and their enemies in the so-called War on Terror.