Monday, 13 February 2012

Anonymous message to Greeks

THIS video is a solidarity message to the Greek people from Anonymous hacktivists, after a range of establishments websites were brought down over the weekend.

Meanwhile, angry protests at the imposition of neoliberal slavery continue.

Reports From The Greek Streets: "Patras and Agrinio saw follow up marches on 13/2/2012. These turned violent.

"In Agrinio banks and the local offices of the far-right LAOS were trashed. In Patras demonstrators invaded and trashed the offices of the local PASOK MP Spiliopoulos who voted for the new austerity measures.

"Before they invaded the luxurious hotel Astir where the right wing party ND (part of the governmental coalition) had organised an event.

"They called for a new demo tomorrow (Tuesday) in Patras. In Komotini the building of the Regional Government of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia has been occupied, the assembly decided for march tomorrow."

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