Tuesday, 14 February 2012

British cop behind Bahrain clamp-down

BRITISH hypocrisy over the Middle East and democracy has been further exposed by events in Bahrain, where protests were this week crushed by cops with tear gas, stun grenades and helicopters.

Not only has the UK been arming the repressive Bahraini state, as The Guardian has reported, but a retired top British cop has also been flown out to mastermind the clamp-down.

John Yates, the former assistant commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police, who resigned last year during the phone hacking scandal, is purportedly 'reforming' the Bahraini force.

But he told The Daily Telegraph in the run-up to the February 14 anniversary protests: “The concept of reasonable reaction to provocation has been reinforced.

“Unless they face extraordinary provocation like last year, it will be about allowing people to gather and containment. It’s about learning techniques from other places like kettling – that would work really well around here.”

And his verdict on the movement for democracy in the authoritarian pro-Western Gulf state? “This isn’t organised protests, its just vandalism, rioting on the streets. Acts of wanton damage that are destroying the economy.”

Meanwhile, Britain continues to support armed insurrection in Syria, where the regime is not backed by the UK and USA.

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