Monday, 2 January 2012

Video - Bahrainis with molotovs battle cops

BAHRAINI revolutionaries have fought back with molotov cocktails after a teenager was murdered by police.

Sayed Hashim Saeed, aged 15,  who died on Saturday, had apparently been hit by a tear gas canister at close range on Saturday.

The Al-Khalifa regime is backed by Saudi Arabia and the USA and Press TV reports that there have been anti-US protests in several areas, including Sitra, in which US flags were burnt.

In an interview with the Iranian TV channel,
Bahraini activist Asma Darwish says: "Actually the regime mercenaries are shooting directly into people and into the houses and just today our house was shot by tear gas canisters. The smell is so strong and those tear gas [canisters] are all made in Brazil and in France and the United States. 

"The countries, including the United states should stop supporting the Bahraini regime. The Bahraini regime is an oppressive regime." 

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