Sunday, 15 January 2012

Molotovs as Romanians join global insurrection


ROMANIANS have joined the worldwide uprising against neoliberalism with a weekend of protests in which molotovs were hurled at police.

The uprising was sparked by unpopular government proposals to push funds into the private healthcare sector while neglecting the public system.

But this was just the latest in a familiar series of steps towards a global neoliberal takeover of the country, which date back to  a loan of 20 billion euros from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union in 2009.

The usual strings were clearly attached behind the scenes and  the Romanian government cut salaries in the public sector by 25% a year later to enforce so-called "austerity measures" recommended by the IMF.

Reports The Associated Press: "Romania's government called an emergency meeting late Sunday to discuss violent protests that show no sign of abating after demonstrators angry about austerity measures hurled stones and firebombs at police. At least 13 people were injured.

"More than 1,000 protesters clashed with police, who used tear gas and flares to repel demonstrators who blocked a main road in Bucharest. One man was briefly set ablaze during the chaos. Interior Minister Traian Igas called an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis.

"The protests, in their fourth day, are the most serious since President Traian Basescu came to power in 2004. They are the result of frustration against public wage cuts, slashed benefits, higher taxes, cronyism in state institutions and widespread corruption.

"Protesters yelled 'The Mafioso government stole everything we had!' and 'Get out you miserable dog!' -- a popular expression of contempt used to refer to Basescu."

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