Thursday, 6 January 2011

Protests after cop kills six year old

PROTESTS are being held in Greece after a motorcycle cop mowed down and killed a six year old girl.

From the Greek Streets reports: "A policeman of the DIAS motorcycle police ran over a 6-year old roma girl in the area of Menidi in NE Athens.

"According to eye-witnesses, the six-year old girl was run over as she was on the streets, where she was signing the carols with other children (in Greece, children sing carols on the eve of the Epiphany day, Jan 6).

"The eye-witnesses also claim the policeman dragged the girl along for 150 meters and did not stop to offer any help.

"Around 100 people gathered at the spot of the assassination and attacked the riot police once the news of the girl’s death broke out."

The blog says the cop was released pending the police investigation and "in response to the killing and immunity offered to the policeman, an impromptu anarchist demonstration was held in the Northern city of Thessaloniki".

More protests were held on Thursday and others are planned for Friday.