Monday, 30 May 2011

A new wave of hope

27M BCN REVOLUTION from Paco Ruiz on Vimeo.

THE new wave of hope created by the real democracy movement continues to inspire people across Europe.

An interesting first-hand account of the Athens occupation can be found on From the Greek Streets.

Enthusing about the revolutionary potential of the movement, the author berates anarchist comrades who have so far snubbed the protests as not being radical enough.

He writes: "Since I was 15 I have taken part in school and university occupations, general strikes, anti-war movements, anti-racist actions and riots, many times with excitement and enthusiasm.

"Together with December, this movement fulfils me like no other. I feel sorry for those who have not seen it. I am sad for those who have misunderstood it. More than anything I feel bad for my comrades who have not tasted the wonderful, irreplaceable nights of Syntagma.

"Comrades, get over your stuck-upness and wholeheartedly embrace this movement!"

The Greeks are calling for a European or even global day of action for this Sunday, June 5.

Meanwhile in Madrid, where protesters remain in la Puerta del Sol, there has been a call for a global day of action on Saturday October 15.