Monday, 2 May 2011

Does the British state fear an insurrection?

Bristol Stokes Croft Riot 28/4/11 from Culturfied on Vimeo.

A SECOND night of anti-Tesco and anti-police rioting in Bristol has raised hopes of a long overdue insurrection against the neoliberal nightmare.

Reports The Independent: "Police launched an eviction raid on a Bristol squat yesterday after riots raged for a second time in a suburb that has become a focal point for anger against heavy-handed policing.

"More than 30 people were arrested after another night of violence in Stokes Croft, a bohemian suburb of Bristol that is vehemently opposed to the opening of a Tesco store.

"Last week, a protest against the supermarket giant turned into running street battles as demonstrators clashed with baton-wielding riot officers. Somerset and Avon Police claimed they had uncovered a petrol bomb plot to attack the store but locals rubbished this and accused officers of using wildly disproportionate force to quell a peaceful anti-Tesco movement."

State attacks against centres of dissent confirm the authorities are worried that a wave of resistance could sweep the streets of the UK this summer.

Says a report on the threatened UK Indymedia site: "With future May Days under threat, policing in the build up to this May Day has been particularly pernicious.

"Operations were mounted against social centres, projects and activists as the MET and other forces engaged in a series of pre-emptive arrests.

"In London raids took place at the Rat Star Social Centre, Offmarket Social Centre, nearby Petrosiege and The Community Project in Sipson (Grow Heathrow).

"The Met were also involved in raids on squats in Brighton, and Telepathic Heights in Bristol - where a police raid caused last week’s Battle of Stokes Croft - was evicted, causing further disturbances. Indymedia reported that an arrest was made in Cambridge and one in Edinburgh after groups and individuals were raided in Scotland in relation to March 26."