Monday, 23 May 2011

‘Madrid will be the tomb of neoliberalism’

TENS of thousands of protesters are still occupying the Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid, even though media outside Spain are trying to pretend nothing is happening.

With the #spanishrevolution declaring its opposition to fake democracy, to corruption and neliberal economics, its message was never going to go down well with corporate news outlets.

Despite camps springing up all over Spain and in other countries across Europe and the world, the uprising is being largely denied the 'oxygen of publicity' by the capitalist propaganda machine.

A first-hand report posted on UK Indymedia details some of the protest signs covering the square, giving an insight into the movement's direction.

"No puede volver a dormir tranquilo aquel que alguna vez abrio los ojos says one small poster – once you’ve opened your eyes there’s no way you can go back to sleeping peacefully.

"El sistema politico es un fraude, el sistema economica es un robo says another – the political system is fraud, the economic system is theft.

"Banqueros + politicos = mafia legal says another, which doesn’t require any translation.

"Si hay futuro, pero solo si luchamos por el – yes there is a future, but only if we fight for it.

"Un pueblo organizado no vota, decide – an organized people doesn’t vote, it decides."

The report adds: "This vibrant and determined pro-democracy movement means it for real.

"Ha nacido en Sol un nuevo nosotros says a banner – a new ‘us’ has been born in Sol.

"Madrid sera la tumba del neoliberalismo adds another – Madrid will be the tomb of neoliberalism.

"And there’s even one in English for those of you at home – ‘People of Europe rise up!’"