Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New York cops attack students - video


ANGER is still bubbling to the surface of society in the USA, as the momentum from the Occupy movements spreads into other protests.

This video shows police getting physical with student protesters opposing tuition fee rises at CUNY, the City University of  New York.

A statement on the students' website says: "We demand free tuition and admission open to all with a high school diploma or GED, with special attention in admissions to New York City public high school graduates.

"We demand that you fund adjuncts’ health care, and all the wages, benefits, and working conditions for our faculty and staff need to live in dignity.

"We demand that you pay for this by continuing the Millionaires’ Tax, reinstating the Stock Transfer Tax, and pivoting spending within CUNY away from wealthy top administrators’ compensation and toward the education of students and compensation of faculty and staff."