Thursday, 17 November 2011

Global insurrection is taking shape

A NEW phase has been reached in the growing global uprising against capitalism.

The scenes in this video happen to have been shot in Italy on November 17, but they could have been anywhere.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the familiar scenes of unarmed, mostly youthful, protesters being attacked by paramilitary baton-wielding riot police, are not snapshots from unrelated public order incidents in various separate parts of the world.

They are, rather, scenes from different fronts in the same war - between the vast majority of the human race and the ruthless and greedy elite who want to keep us all in slavery.

On the one hand, the millions of people who took to the streets on November 17 in the USA, Spain, Greece, Italy and elsewhere are now seeing through the whole landscape of lies that has been used to fool us all into being robbed and disenfranchised by the capitalist system for so long.

On the other hand, the system itself realises this, realises the potential danger it is facing, and is acting in a co-ordinated and deliberate manner to intimidate, brutalise and crush any signs of an uprising.

This will, obviously, open people's eyes still further to the realities of their position, fuelling their anger and bringing still more out on to the streets in support.

How will it end? We cannot know. But if there was going to be a global revolution its beginning would surely have to look something like this.