Friday, 13 November 2009

Deadly strike against Pakistan secret police

INSURGENTS have struck a deadly blow against Pakistan's notorious secret police, the ISI, with a spectacular suicide car bomb attack on their offices in Peshawar on Friday morning.

Much of the three-story building belonging to Pakistan's national intelligence agency was destroyed, according to reports.

Said Radio France International: "At least five security personnel working at the provincial headquarters of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) were killed, according to officials, who put the overall death toll at ten. A second car bomb rammed into a suburban police station, killing three police officers."

The ISI has been at the forefront of the US-led campaign against the Taliban, who have increasingly operated inside Pakistan during the US occupation of neighbouring Afghanistan.

But there are also well documented links between ISI and Islamist insurgent groups, with the ISI often seen as the go-between linking western intelligence agencies and their enemies in the so-called War on Terror.