Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Vast Minority

AN OVERWHELMING majority of people are happy to be living in this industrial capitalist world.
They're not too bothered about notions of "injustice" or about old-fashioned ideas of "privacy" or so-called "human rights". They don't object to new laws and new wars. This is what we are always told and thus we must accept it as true. Newspapers, radio shows, TV programmes and websites are created, presenting us with a perfect reflection of our feelings, our tastes, our loyalties, our dreams.
Experts produce opinion polls to tell us what we think. What we should think.
Of course there will always be those who insist on challenging and questioning this universal contentment, but we all know that they are nothing but isolated freaks, cranks, nobodies.
Some of these misfits claim that that our view of the world is based on lies and manipulation, that a clever clique of the very few has created a mass illusion to enslave the world's population. How could this be true? How could we imagine a critical mass of humanity discontent with the new rulers of the world, sceptical about their claims to uphold democracy, dismissive of the 'moral authority' which they deploy to keep hold of resources, power and information? How could we foresee a near future in which the hypnotic spell is broken, the scales fall from a billion eyes and those who say 'Enough!' are revealed, all of a sudden, to be a gale force wind of revolt, a tidal wave of insurgent delight sweeping all before it, a minority so vast it will change everything?

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