Monday, 15 March 2010

Swiss football fans fight brutal police

SWISS football fans turned on brutal police on Saturday night, leaving seven cops injured.

As usual, corporate media put the blame on the supporters, with the likes of Le Matin reporting that the FC Zurich supporters started throwing stones and lumps of concrete at the police and smashing shop windows, with the situation escalating to the point where the cops had to use rubber bullets.

However, a comment from a fan on the 20 Minuten Online website tells a different story. He writes: "Everything was quiet until, without any warning, the police rushed at one fan and started firing rubber bullets. The FCZ fans then responded with the stones and concrete."

The riot took place between the Br├╝gglifeld stadium and Aarau station.

FCZ had won their Super League match against Aarau 3-1 - not the circumstances in which fans are usually looking for any trouble. There were six arrests.