Friday, 22 February 2013

Group claims nanotechnology bomb attack

AN UNDERGROUND Mexican anti-civilization movement has claimed responsibility for sending a letter bomb to a nanotechnology researcher in February 2013.

The “Seventh Communique” issued by ITS (Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje - Individualists tending toward the wild) has been translated into English and published in full on the 325 website.

It states: “We claim responsibility for sending a letter with explosive-incendiary material to the nanotechnology researcher Sergio Andrés Águila of the Institute of Biotechnology of UNAM in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos.

“It is worth mentioning that the Institute of Biotechnology of UNAM in Cuernavaca has already been hit before. On November 8, 2011, the biotechnology researcher Ernesto Méndez Salinas was assassinated by a shot to the head on Teopanzaolco Avenue; months later the police reported that they had arrested those responsible, which is a lie.

“It is not an accident that the same institute has been hit now, in order to make the truth known: the biotechnologist Méndez Salinas, on November 8 (only three months after the explosion in Monterrey Tec) became the first mortal victim of ITS.

“We have said it before, we act without any compassion in the feral defense of Wild Nature. Did those who modify and destroy the Earth think their actions wouldn’t have repercussions? That they wouldn’t pay a price? If they thought so, they are mistaken.”

In the detailed political statement, ITS distances itself from “leftist” revolutionaries, including those within the anarchist movement.

It says: “Now in the present anyone who speaks of the ‘emancipation of the proletariat’, of the ‘class struggle’, ‘social revolution’ and other two-odd-century-old slogans carries a corpse in their mouth, because those arguments are expired and it is useless to try to propel them now because they no longer have any solid validity.”

It also stresses that its commitment is not to chaos but to order, of a natural kind. The comminque says: “In Wild Nature everything has an order, everything is self-regulated, there is a circle that repeats infinite times so that the natural equilibrium keeps its course and is not lost.

“From the beginning of time everything has been ruled by the natural order, until Civilization came and changed everything. Everything turned into disorder, chaos.

“From this idea that everything in Wild Nature has an order, and because we say that we obey this order and these natural laws, those who disobey these natural statutes are confined to obeying the system and denying their human nature.

ITS categorically rejects the chaos of Civilization and ferociously defends the order of Wild Nature.”

ITS also makes it clear it has no sympathy with so-called “eco-fascism”, with its belief in the power of the state to protect the environment: “We do not want a new ‘alternative’ or ‘greener’ regime led by intellectuals, military officials, or politicians; we want all the regimes that Civilization  encompasses to be destroyed.”