Friday, 8 March 2013

European rebels target cameras

REBELS in Germany and elsewhere are hitting back at fascistic CCTV surveillance - and turning it into a new online "game".

UK anarcho news site Schnews reports that the "Camover" trend is taking the Germany's cities and the internet by storm, with players masking up and using anything from axes to lassoes to put the cameras out of action.

It says: "The game originated in Berlin, where anti-CCTV feeling has been brewing in the radical circles. Attempts at more standard protest, including a small march and film showings, made little impact, so a black bloc took to the streets one night to take more shady direct action. Now participants are getting in on the game from Finland, Greece and the US."

As one Camover blog put it, “In the supermarket, in the university, at work, in the tram or in the ATMs – we hate them all. We are not interested in feeling 'safe' and we don’t want them to stop crime.”

And one Finnish militant said: “During the last weeks we have blinded several CCTV-cameras around capital area of Finland. CCTV-cameras are important part of social control against people. It’s about power and control, and not about people's values and rights. It’s about turning us into slaves and fearing authorities. But we can defend ourselves against the state and against corporations and take away Big Brother's sight.”