Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Brazil and Turkey rise up!

The global uprising against neoliberalism continues to erupt in unexpected places, with Turkey and now Brazil displaying mass resistance.

Says a report from anarchist news service ainfos: "Just like Turkey, Brazil has recently experienced relative success in economic terms. But just as in Turkey, the spoils of this economic growth are divided extremely unequally.

"Just like in Turkey, a relatively small provocation has sparked a much more widespread chain reaction. Unlike in Turkey, that provocation is a direct attack on living standards. But the anger exploding as a result of it appears to run just as deep. ---- Brazil has seen strong economic growth in the past decade, although this is slowing. In 2010, the economy grew 7.5 percent; for 2011, the official IMF estimate is 2.7 percent.

"This temporary slowdown is supposed to be followed by stronger growth in 2013, although, with IMF statistics, you can never tell. However, the parallel with Turkey -- also a rapidly developing economy gradually moving into slowdown -- is striking. Economies like Turkey and Brazil are becoming quite an important force in the world economy.

"What happens there matters to the rest of the world. Better watch out -- and better be prepared to extend the hand of solidarity when it is needed.

"Right now, what is happening in Brazil and Turkey is revolt. In Turkey it was the defence of Gezi park that provided the spark. In Brazil, it is transport fares that drive people to the streets in anger.

"On 2 June, authorities in the metropolis of Sao Paulo raised the price of a single fare from $1.40 USD to $1.50. This hike, moreover, is being made in a context of 15.5 percent inflation.

"And for thousands of Brazilians, it proved to be the proverbial last straw. From June 10 onwards, the city was rocked by four consecutive days of demonstrations and riots. On June 13, 5.000 people took to the streets and clashed violently with police."