Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Greece - heading for a revolution?

ALL eyes are now on Greece, as the neoliberal world order comes into direct and obvious conflict with democracy.

Protests against plutofascist 'austerity' continue all over the world, including in Spain, Italy, the USA and the UK.

But in Greece the conflict has moved on to another phase. The anti-capitalist rebels have successfully made the point that the global bankers are destroying their communities and effectively ignoring the will of the people.

While the years of  full-on protest and riots did not succeed directly in sparking a revolution, they did expose to the general public the stark reality of the situation.

It is for this reason that the majority of the electorate backed anti-austerity parties in the recent general election.

With a re-run now lined up, the neoliberal elite fear a victory for Syriza and the left which would represent a serious challenge to their hegemony.

What will they do now? How will they stop the anticipated election result from becoming reality? Already there are dire warnings of a descent into chaos if the Greek population rejects the 'safety' of neoliberal slavery.

What further scaremongering and smears will be wheeled out? Can we expect a false flag 'terror' attack to try and change the course of the vote?

And if the left does win the elections, will the money men stand by and watch while these upstarts take over power and put their worldwide capitalist empire at risk of collapse?

Or will this be the time for them to once and for all drop the pretence of  this phoney democracy with which they have been keeping us all in line for so long?

Looking a step further ahead, what would happen next if they denied the Greek people their choice and tried to impose a regime of their own liking?

Remember, the Spanish Revolution did not begin in 1936 as an uprising against the state, but was a defensive reaction to an extreme-right coup against a left-wing government.

With half of the Greek police reckoned to have voted Nazi in the last election, the scenarios are not so different.