Friday, 6 April 2012

"Killing the 1% is the only way out"

POLITICS are corrupt and the only way out for mankind is to kill the 1% who own everything.

This is the view expressed by acclaimed Finnish film director Aki Kaurismäki in an interview with the English newspaper The Guardian. 

Kaurismäki is quoted as saying: "For mankind, I can't see any way out except terrorism. We kill the 1%. The only way for mankind to get out of this misery is to kill the 1% who own everything. The 1% who have put us in the position where humanity has no value. The rich. And the politicians who are the puppies of the rich."

Asked by the interviewer if he had ever thought of 'going into politics', he replies: "No, never. Politics are corrupt."

The director has previously boycotted the Oscars ceremony in protest at US imperialist foreign policy.  His latest film, Le Havre, is about the plight of an African child immigrant in Europe.