Friday, 2 December 2011

Video - London cop punches protester

VIDEO footage has emerged of a policeman punching a protester during the November 30 protests in London.

The incident happened at Haymarket in central London at about 6.15pm.

Says one commenter on YouTube: "I was in Haymarket and saw police behaving badly. I was NOT involved in demonstrations, an innocent bystander visiting London with my 81 year old mother.

"Watching from behind police line, a police officer lashed out at me, screamed obscenities at me.

"I spoke to the same Superintendant shown in the video, who agreed that this sort of behaviour did not give a good impression, but didn't take my complaint seriously, walked away smirking. Brutal, violent, stupid behaviour by public servants."

Another adds: "Did you notice that as soon as the victim started shouting 'what's your number' a fellow officer placed his hand on the offending officer's shoulder in an attempt to obstruct the officer's number whilst making it look like he was merely 'helping' the police push forward.... very sneaky."

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