Sunday, 11 December 2011

'Corrupt civilization must be destroyed'

A CALL for the complete destruction of our valueless and corrupt capitalist civilization has been issued by anarchist blogger Paul Cudenec.

Entitled 'We Anarchangels of Creative Destruction', his article draws on a number of unusual sources, such as the French traditionalist philosopher Rene Guenon.

Cudenec writes: "How many Anarchangels does it take to bring down a civilisation?
"More than we are now, that is for sure. But we will swell in size and strength as others flow into our stream and turn it into a mighty river.
"Don’t forget that it rains all the time. Life-moisture expended and drawn up into the ether is formed again and joins us here on Earth.
"Regeneration means new generations and these are born to play their part in the ending of an age.
"The death-power is strong and could not be defeated by the energy of risings past.
"But each time we come back stronger and in greater numbers. Each time we know less fear and we understand more fully just how far we have to go.
"This will happen again and again until we have won.
"Sin miedo. Nothing can stop us."
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