Tuesday, 13 December 2011

EDL exposed as puppets of the 1%

THE true nature and purpose of the English Defence League is gradually emerging, as the far right street movement struggles to maintain any momentum.

It originally claimed to be virtually apolitical, with the sole aim of countering what it described as the threat of 'Islamic extremism' in the UK.

However, it has recently shown its true colours by vehement animosity towards trade unionists and threats to attack Occupy activists in various cities.

A further dent to its phoney 'working class' credentials has now been made by an investigative report in The Sunday Times exposing some of the wealthy individuals running the show behind the scenes.

These include property tycoon Ann Marchini, from upmarket Highgate in north London, and  Alan Ayling, a former director of an investment fund.

Ayling, pictured above, uses the pseudonym Alan Lake in EDL circles.

It is rather convenient that at a time when opposition to neoliberal rule is on the rise, and the state is sensitive to the possible knock-on effects of overt police violence against dissidents, a ready-made Freikorps-style army is available to do the 1%'s dirty work on the streets.  

There still remains much more to be exposed about the EDL and its murky role in contemporary British politics.