Saturday, 24 December 2011

Troops attack Life March in Yemen

REVOLUTIONARIES in Yemen have arrived in the capital after an astonishing five-day 264km Life March - only to be attacked by pro-regime forces.

There are early reports of at least 13 protesters dead and dozens more injured as troops opened fire on the Gandhi-style mass peaceful protest.

Yemenis expressed outrage of the lack of global media coverage of their uprising against the US-backed Saleh regime.

US Ambassador to Yemen , Gerald Feierstein, has even been reported as saying the march was not peaceful and that it was legitimate for the regime to kills marchers.

Reports Global Voices: "Yemen's revolutionaries are not deterred nor did they give up on their demands despite the signing of the strongly rejected Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative proposed in April and finally signed by President Saleh on November 23, 2011, providing a so-called mechanism for him to 'relinquish' power.

"They went out on a 264 km march on foot from the city of Taiz in the south to the capital Sanaa in the north to send a message to the world, the United Nations, United States, the GCC and Saleh that they reject the newly formed unity government and are determined to demand that Saleh, who was granted immunity from prosecution for his involvement in an 11-month crackdown on protesters demanding democracy, gets punished for his crimes."

Here are some of the comments on Twitter today

#LifeMarch was made by heros, and attacked by cowards.

#Yemen never witnessed such a day before, and I guess will never witness it again ... #Lifemarch

Live celebration on Suhail TV @ Change Square for the heroes of the #LifeMarch who arrived in Sanaa after 5 days of barefoot walking. #yemen

An uprecedented all day today & night celebrations welcoming the heroes of the #LifeMarch. #Sanaa hasn't been happier Support the #NewYemen

Revolution is Reborn. #Yemen is Reborn. #Taiz #LifeMarch, shines and people just sink in joy.

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