Sunday, 18 December 2011

2012 London Olympics - the enemy of democracy

THE 2012 London Olympics are the enemy of democracy and anarchists must protest against them, despite draconian threats from the state.

That's the forceful message from a new post on the Rebel Cleaners blog.

It says: "While company directors, corrupt politicians and bankers are comfortably seated together to supervise and reap profits from the labour of others (how capitalist!) we'll still be on the streets showing that we're strong, we're angry and that these bastards are losing their control over us.

"Now, there is something that our rulers absolutely do not want broadcasting around the world. There'll be no shortage of cameras about, as pretty much every news agency in the world will be operating here in Britain this summer.

"It's not hard to see why the rich are so worried. Protests, direct action, strikes and the like are set to undo every bit of material gain they're hoping to raid from the Olympic Games.

"How can the rich push the sponsors if the TV cameras are showing pictures of people angry at those exact same sorts of mega-corporations?

"How can the rich get their billionaire buddies to travel to Britain to spend their cash in London's fancy hotels and restaurants, if these places are under threat of being attacked by black bloc tactics?

"How can the British government continue to dictate to Greece and other countries through the IMF and EU about their economic policies when the people riot against British economic policy?

"How can foreign policy be enforced when TV screens from Hong Kong to Houston are showing pictures of people critical to these policies?

"The answer is, they can't. So, prepare to kiss your fantasy of legitimate protest goodbye."

The blog lists various measures being taken by the British state to ensure that the corporate, not people's, voices are heard this summer:

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