Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Protesters drive tank to seize courts

OCCUPY protesters, including former soldiers, drove a tank to seize disused law courts in the centre of London.

And they say they will use the building to put on trial the 1% who have stolen everything from the rest of the world's population.

A spokesman told the media: "We are targeting the people we feel have been let off or not been brought to justice - it could be bankers, politicians or companies.

"These are not mock trials. These are trials with qualified solicitors. It’s not about staging anything. The accused will be invited to attend."

Said a statement on the Occupy London website: "As Occupy London Stock Exchange occupation prepares to present its case at the High Court today, Occupy London supporters have liberated a disused court house – Old Street Magistrate’s Court – in London‘s East End alongside a group of military veterans, Occupy Veterans.

"The opening of Occupy London’s fourth occupation, will see the movement conducting 'trials of the one per cent' in the abandoned magistrate’s court building which has lain empty since 1996, despite its prime location and grade II listing.

"More information about this abandoned magistrate’s court can be found at http://www.mpa.gov.uk/committees/mpa/2005/050224/10/.

"To the one per cent – see you soon at Occupy Justice, formerly Old Street Magistrate’s Court, Old Street London EC1."

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