Saturday, 31 December 2011

Indian rebels blow up new police station

NAXALITE rebels in India have demolished a newly-built police station in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada district.

Reports IBN Live: "A group of 50 Naxals assembled at the police station near Geedam area and asked the labourers present there to leave. They blasted the building using huge amount of explosives, police said, adding there were no reports of any casualty."

According to The Economic Times: "On Tuesday, dozens of Maoists [Naxalites] stormed into a two-storey building at Geedam town, some 10 km away from Dantewada town. They blew up the newly-constructed building which had been built by the state government at a cost of Rs.3.5 million.

"The building, which was ready to be handed over to the police department, was located barely a km away from the existing Geedam police station where about two dozen policemen were present at the time of the incident. But no policemen reached the blast site for several hours."

Following the incident, the state government transferred Dantewada police chief Ankit Garg and posted him at police headquarters to Raipur, official sources said. 

The photo shows Naxalite rebels with writer Arundhati Roy, who has explained the reasons for their uprising, in the face of massive anti-Naxal propaganda from the Indian state.

She said last year: "Over the past five years or so, the governments of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal have signed hundreds of memorandums of understanding – all of them secret – with corporate houses worth several billion dollars, for steel plants, sponge-iron factories, power plants, aluminum refineries, dams and mines. In order for the MOUs to translate into real money, tribal people must be moved. Therefore, this war."

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