Thursday, 15 December 2011

Libyans protest against new regime

PEOPLE in Libya are rising up against the regime foisted on them by foreign powers following the overthrowal of Gaddafi.

In the words of Twitter user Dima Khatib: "Revolutionary Friday is back in #Libya .. Yes #Feb17 is alive and  kickin till the people get what they fought for."

There are reports of tens of thousands of Libyans protesting in Benghazi and Tripoli accusing the National Transitional Council of "stealing the revolution."

The protesters demand transparency, accountability and payment of wages in a movement that connects democratic and economic demands.

Business Week says they feel the ruling National Transitional Council is being too secretive about its membership structure and finances.

“We sacrificed a lot in this war,” Salwa Bugaighis, a lawyer in Benghazi and a former member of the NTC before she resigned in August over a lack of transparency in its decision- making process, said in an interview.

“We want democracy.” Bugaighis said protesters set up a tented encampment today at Benghazi’s Maidan al-Shagera, or Tree Square, and will not leave until the NTC enacts new rules on transparency and releases the names and resumes of all its members.
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