Monday, 5 December 2011

'Riot will always be the best day of my life'

"I WAS actually doing it. I felt alive, there's no word to explain it. It was like that first day it happened will always be the best day of my life for ever."

This is just one of the comments from English rioters recorded in a new study by the Guardian and the London School of Economics.

Says the paper: "Hundreds of interviews with people who took part in the disturbances which spread across England in August revealed deep-seated and sometimes visceral antipathy towards police."

The findings cut through all the propaganda about criminals and gangs to reveal the obvious truth about the uprisings - they were directed at the police and everything they represent.

And the authorities will be scared witless to hear that thousands of the rioters are up for doing it all again - soon!

Reports The Guardian: "An overwhelming majority of people interviewed about their involvement in this summer's riots believe they will be repeated and one in three said they would take part in any future disorder, a study by the Guardian and the London School of Economics shows.

"Of the 270 questioned in the Reading the Riots study, 81% said they believed the disturbances that spread across England in August 'would happen again'. Two-thirds predicted there would be more riots before the end of 2014.

"Despite more than 4,000 riot-related arrests, and harsher than average sentences in the courts, many of those interviewed said they did not regret their actions."

 Some other comments: 

"For the record: yeah, I do hate the fucking police ... I was caught up in the situation. And it was like: let's cause fucking chaos – let's cause a riot."

"I think the looting came about because it was linked to police. We're showing them that, yeah, we're bigger than the police, we are actually bigger than the police. Fair enough, we are breaking the law and everything, but there's more of us than there are of you. So if we want to do this, we can do this. And you won't do anything to stop us."

"I just see bottles flying. I've never seen police so scared before – it was like they had no control whatsoever. Like even the police cars, the police vans, they was just throwing rocks at them."

"It felt good, that police car – it felt really good [she torched it]. Especially when my friend took the radio and started saying all this hullabaloo over the radio and confusing them and all that. It was fair for us to do that."

"Never thought it would turn out to be throughout the country. I never knew it was going to escalate, all the way up to Croydon, Liverpool – I never knew it would go all over the place. When I seen some of it on TV, I thought: 'Go on you fuckers, keep going – fucking riot away'."

‘It felt like I was part of a revolution, showing these stupid police that, you know, they’re not invincible’ 

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