Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tensions rise in Greece

TENSIONS are rising again in Greece with the new austerity measures being imposed.

From the Greek Streets reports that on Tuesday night: "After hours of confrontations, strong police forces evacuated thousands of demonstrators from Syntagma square in Athens.

"For yet another time in the past few months, people have effectively been blocked from gathering together, in a condition familiar from the days of the 1967-74 Junta.

"Earlier on, demonstrators had confronted …demonstrating police: members of the police special units (ειδικές δυνάμεις) had the nerve to try join the thousands demonstrating against the austerity. The original members of the DELTA and DIAS teams came from these special units.

"So far, there are confirmed reports of at least three demonstrators injured – at least one severely injured in the head and one with his hand broken.

"Meanwhile, a parliamentary majority of 155 was voting for the new property tax. In a country with home-ownership levels at approximately 80%, home-owners are asked to pay an average of 800-1,000 euros. The 'I Won’t Pay' movement has already made mass call outs against the payment of the new tax, and thousands are expected to respond to it."