Thursday, 22 September 2011

November 5 march on Parliament


A CALL has gone out for a mass march on the Houses of Parliament in London on Saturday November 5.

This video from 'Anonymous' calls for people to gather in Trafalgar Square from 6pm.

Says its Facebook page: "ANONYMOUS has been exposing corrupt and dubious organisations, groups and individuals for a while. However, there are those who still continue to act in unlawful and harmful ways towards the people, whether they be in the UK or around the world. The British Government is no exception!

"On the evening of the 5th November, 2011, at 6pm, ANONYMOUS is calling for its supporters and thousands of others who adhere to peace, freedom and 'real' justice to converge outside the Houses of Parliament, in a peaceful gathering - for all the world to see - to let the Government know the error of its ways and demand appropriate action is taken by them to rectify their corrupt and perverted ways. 

"There will be Leafleting, Speeches, Sharing facts & figures, "Free-Hugs", all in a peaceful manner (yet remaining non-compliant with any and all unlawful legislation) that is the ANONYMOUS way.

"David Cameron, PM, recently stated that he and his Government are considering outlawing the wearing of ‘face-coverings’ and make it a criminal offense if worn during 'public gatherings'. 

"ANONYMOUS begs to differ! ANONYMOUS does not consent to this unlawful 'ACT' against the people! ANONYMOUS asks the British Prime Minister to reconsider this knee-jerk reaction to recent criminal events on the streets across the UK.

"In light of this fact, ANONYMOUS would warmly welcome members of any and all faiths and cultures, especially women, who wear garments that cover their faces, either partially or completely. ANONYMOUS reminds the people that (if we are to believe the official version of events) the war-on-terror was (allegedly) carried out by terrorists, ALL of whom had their faces on show at all times during the attacks on 9/11 and 7/7! Indeed, if we are to believe the official version of events, they even carried ID cards! ANONYMOUS also reminds the people that the Police wear face-coverings during public gatherings."