Thursday, 22 September 2011

Italian riot police attack Tunisians

TUNISIANS demanding freedom have been brutally attacked by Italian riot police on the southern island of Lampedusa.

RFI reports that around 300 Tunisian immigrants demonstrated on Wednesday September 21 against the conditions in which they are being kept.

They chanted "Freedom! Freedom!" and some of them set fire to a local office dealing with immigrants on the island, which is not far from the Tunisian coast.

Later, riot police attacked others with batons and the protesters were forced to jump down three or four metres to escape, as this shocking video shows.

Filippo Miraglia of the "Archi" support group for the immigrants explained: "Some of the Tunisians have been there since August - for a month of a month and a half - and others for a week to ten days.

"They are being held on the island in very difficult conditions and the idea of being deported straight back from Lampedusa to Tunisia is making them revolt."