Friday, 9 September 2011

Brazilians protest at corrupt system

THE INTERNATIONAL wave of revolt against the corrupt ruling system has spread to Brazil.

Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday were marked by the launch of a mass movement against corruption, along the same lines as the 'indignados' of Spain.

Protests have this week been staged in 35 towns and cities across 20 states. All were organised over the internet.

São Paulo saw five simultaneous marches in different parts of the city and there was a 25,000-strong protest in Brasilia.

In Río de Janeiro a demo has been called for Tuesday September 20 in the plaza de Cinelandia, a traditional site for civil protests.

Walter Magalhães, aged 28, one of the organisers of the march in Brasilia, was quoted in El Pais as saying: "It's not enough for us to stay sitting comfortably on the sofa. We have to do something to show that we are alive and that we are against all this corruption."

Photos of the protests can be found here.

A global wave of protest has now been sparked by the revolution in Tunisia, which inspired people in Egypt, whose mass movement led to protests in Spain - which have now in turn had a positive effect on Latin Americans.