Thursday, 1 September 2011

Greek students take on the state

GREEK students are leading a new wave of resistance against neoliberal tyranny.

At least university 116 departments across the country are now under student occupation as a big radical protest approaches in Syntagma Square on Saturday.

The student rebellion has been sparked by a new education bill bringing sweeping changes to Greece’s higher education system, including immense funding cuts and abolition of academic asylum.

From the Greek Streets reports that general assemblies are happening all this week and next week and says it is very likely that the number of occupations will increase dramatically.

It adds: "There seems to be a completely unprecedented agreement between students across almost the entire political spectrum for mobilisations against the voted law: this is rapidly becoming a stand-off between the student community and the Parliament."

A statement on the Athens protest called for 7pm (Greek time) on Saturday September 3 says: "On September 3rd we are everywhere. We fill up Syntagma Square.

"The squares are us and we are everywhere. We are all. We started as indignated people, we have decided, and in a little while we will be revolting in masses until those who drove us here go away. Until we kick out the bankers' and the market’s governments and system."