Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Final straw for Greek people?

GREEK people are today faced with the necessity of  revolution after yet another brutal financial assault was made on them by the global banking system via their sell-out government.

Reports Reuters: "Greece's government will cut pensions, extend a property tax hike and put tens of thousands of public workers on notice as part of a deal to continue receiving aid funding from its international lenders, government officials said on Wednesday.

"The cabinet agreed to cut pensions amounting to more than 1,200 euros a month by 20 percent and further reduce payments for former state workers who had retired before the age of 55, the senior government officials said on condition of anonymity.

"The government will also extend a new real estate tax hike originally slated to expire next year until at least 2014.

"It will also put 30,000 civil servants in 'labour reserve' this year, the official said, which means it will reduce their pay to 60 percent of their salaries and give them 12 months to find new work in the state sector or lose their jobs."

Even before the news came out, From the Greek Streets was reporting signs of a "new winter of discontent", with the Ministry of Health in Athens occupued by its employees, a squat in Corfu raided and school students planning to march on the Prime Minister's house, as the police order massive supplies of tear gas.

It adds: "On September 15th, hundreds of young deaf-mutes held a demonstration in downtown Athens, protesting against the funding cut in relation to qualified sign language interpreters.

"On September 20th, the workers of the Centre of Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind (KEAT) decided to occupy its premises in Kallithea (Athens) and develop a diverse struggle in coordination with other welfare state institutions, the disabled, parents, and generally the labour union movement to overturn the government’s policy.

"In addition, the workers in health and psychosocial care structures have declared a 48 hour strike for September 22nd–23rd."