Monday, 19 September 2011

Chinese villagers riot over pollution


RIOTS have broken out in China against a factory polluting local water as resistance grows globally to the neoliberal industrial nightmare.

Reports China Forbidden News: "Villagers in Haining city, Zhejiang province in China have held three days of protest against Jinko Solar Co. discharging heavy cancer-causing pollution.

"Villagers and journalists were beaten by company security. The protesters beat local officials and overturned four police cars. The police also fired tear gas.

"Online sources state that over 10 people are injured or dead.

"A human rights activist said that Chinese Communist Party' (CCP) system was causing the struggle in people's lives.

"The Jinko Solar company is a subsidiary of a New York Stock Exchange-listed Chinese solar company, fully financed by Hong Kong Paker Technology Co., Ltd.

"They produce solar wafers, cells and other products, exporting to more than twenty countries within Europe, Asia, and the United States.

"The plant is located in Haining city, Zhejiang province and Shangrao city, Jiangxi province.
There are over 10,000 employees and the plant covers more than 165 acres.

"Villagers blame the company for discharging polluted water and harmful gases into the environment, causing the massive deaths of fish floating in the river.

"Local villagers found that there were over 10 people who developed cancer as a result of the pollution."