Saturday, 1 October 2011

Revolutionary ripples in the USA

TWO thousand people marched on New York's police HQ on Friday, angered by brutal attacks on anti-capitalist protesters.

Video footage on YouTube showed a shocking and unprovoked assault on Occupy Wall Street activists.

In its report on the protest, RTE reports that the crowd shouted "We got sold out!" as it snaked through rush hour traffic in the spiritual home of neoliberalism. One placard declared "NYPD protects billionaires and Wall Street."

Other hand drawn placards included: "Nazi bankers" and "people before dollars".

Adds the report: "It was the first time the protesters tried marching on New York's high-tech police headquarters at One Police Plaza, the nerve centre of one of the world's most sophisticated security services.

"Numbers were swelled on Friday by support from local unions, including the Transport Workers Union, and by youths responding to false rumours on the internet that British band Radiohead was going to play a free concert at the protest camp.

"Protesters added police brutality to their lengthy and still vaguely defined list of grievances after an incident a week ago when a senior officer used pepper spray against four demonstrators who had already been shut inside a police pen."

The protest movement is now spreading to other cities such as Boston, where anti-bank protests are being staged this weekend.

The #occupytheworld hashtag on Twitter is growing in popularity as the shockwave of rebellion crosses the planet.

One user commented: "The beauty of the 99% coming together to fight for change and revolution makes me cry."