Monday, 3 October 2011

Revolt spreads in the USA

THE GLOBAL anti-capitalist revolt continues to spread through the heart of the beast itself, the United States of America.

And there are signs that the neoliberal authorities are beginning to panic, with more than 700 people arrested on Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

Reports Reuters: "Occupy Wall Street, a movement spurred by the country’s economic malaise, turned into a national protest over the weekend when mass arrests in New York focused media attention on the protestors and political action spread to other cities.

"In New York, police arrested more than 700 civilians on Saturday for turning the Brooklyn Bridge into a walkway.

"And copycat movements spread to Chicago and Los Angeles, where hundreds of protestors are now camped out in front of City Hall.

"The media largely ignored the protestors when they first began to congregate in lower Manhattan Sept. 17.

"But celebrity visits have helped put the protestors on the map, as has the Twitterverse and pictures of topless protestors demanding jobs.

"In New York, actresses Susan Sarandon and Roseanne Barr have come by, as have rapper Lupe Fiasco and Princeton professor and activist Cornel West."

This video from RT shows the atmosphere at the NY protests.