Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Greeks rise up and trash bank

GREEK people have risen up against neoliberal tyranny, with massive and passionate protests across the country.

Wednesday saw the first of two days of general strike, as the government prepared to inflict yet more banker-imposed misery on the population.

Reported The Independent: "Greece has been paralysed by a 48-hour general strike that began yesterday and cast doubt on the unpopular government's ability to implement reforms demanded by the European Union in return for further bailout money.

"Black-masked youths hurled chunks of marble and petrol bombs at riot police in front of the parliament building in the centre of Athens.

"Police responded with stun grenades and tear gas as clashes spread to neighbouring streets after mass rallies, where protesters demanded an end to tax rises and salary cuts that they say are reducing them to poverty.

"Acrid plumes of black smoke rose from blazing bins of uncollected rubbish and mixed with the white clouds of tear gas. Chunks of rock and broken glass littered the streets around the parliament."

From The Greek Streets, which is providing regular updates, said a "huge, diverse crowd" had attacked the Bank of Greece, trashing it inside.