Monday, 24 October 2011

Brutal eviction of #occupy camp


#OCCUPY protesters in Australia have experienced what lies ahead for  the whole global movement if it keeps up its momentum.

Police were sent in to evict campers in both Melbourne (see above) and Sydney.

The ABC News report  in Melbourne said: "Riot and mounted police officers took several hours to disperse the demonstrators who had been occupying the square.

"The protesters want the Victorian ombudsman to investigate what they say are 43 cases of police violence.

"They include eye-gouging, punches and the use of pepper spray on people including children."

Said the Sydney Central website: "After eight days camping out in Martin Place, Occupy Sydney protesters were evicted at 5am on Sunday morning, with 40 arrested on the spot.

"Twenty-nine were issued fines and four were charged with assaulting police."

Protesters in both cities have pledged to return and show no signs of giving in.

The simple truth is that the capitalist system cannot deliver democracy, as this would bring an end to its exploitation and power.

While at the moment it likes to pretend that it is democratically unaccountable, this charade is becoming increasingly hard for it to maintain.

Authorities are hoping the current wave of revolt will die out of its own accord, but if it doesn't, then scenes like those in Melbourne will become more and more common.

The fight is only just beginning.