Sunday, 23 October 2011

Riot Gran is new Greek icon

FIRST there was Loukanikos the Riot Dog and now Athens has a new symbol of hope and global resistance - Riot Gran!

This video, posted by From the Greek Streets, shows an elderly woman who, fed up with police brutality, appeared out of nowhere determined to attack the Greek riot police with stones and marbles on October 19.

Meanwhile the site reports on a resolution by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square that utterly condemns the outrageously counter-revolutionary actions of the Stalinists during last week's protests, when they blocked protesters from storming parliament then claimed they had been attacked by 'thugs'.

It says, in part: "From yesterday on, definitively and irreversibly, the so-called 'Communist Party' is no more than a barrier against the attempt to bury the parliamentary corpse.

"Any free human struggling for their dignity in these crucial days must politically target it [in return]. This proposition should not be read as a split in the movement.

"We might have common problems and common targets with the plain voters of the 'Communist Party', but the politics and the practice of the leadership to which they are glued follows by word the orders of the government and the envoys of the IMF, EU and the ECB.

"We never marched side-by-side with them, there will never be with us. We must all keep in mind that the 'Communist Party' will act as a fifth column of the dictatorial regime, hoping once again to grab some crumbs off the parliamentary table, just like it did in 1990.

"The stance of all political groupings, whether parliamentary or not, which supported the acts of the 'Communist Party', either indirectly with their silence, or directly with their statements, is equally condemnable.

"For as long as these parties remain within a parliament comprising of order-recipients of the TROIKA and continue to receive their fat salaries, they are entirely co-responsible for what has happened so far and what is to come.

"Their negative votes to the memorandums and combined laws reveal precisely their role in the dictatorship: they provide the alibi of polyphony and democracy, in this entirely set-up parliament of representatives, in order for the impoverished people to continue counting the ballots in each fixed and predetermined voting of laws that abolish their future – while at the same time being fed with the illusion that someone speaks on their behalf and their interest."