Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mexican anarchists torch Walmart

MEXICAN anarchists have torched a branch of US supermarket chain Walmart in Velacruz.

Said a statement from the CCF: "Over the 45 days since forming this new organization for antagonistic struggle, we have lashed out at the system of domination, showing that struggle is possible because the system is vulnerable.

"We’ve left behind the fear and indignation of the broken, and made the shift to decisive struggle against domination.

"We don’t want to change capital and the State, we don’t want to change their laws, we don’t want improvements, we don’t want to change technology, we don’t want to change domination. WE WANT TO DESTROY THEM!

"The supposed differences between electoral parties don’t matter to us, nor do the lies and promises of Peña Nieto, AMLO, Marcelo, or Vasquez Mota. THEY MAKE NO DIFFERENCE TO US BECAUSE WE FIGHT AGAINST DOMINATION, WHETHER RIGHTIST, LEFTIST, POPULIST, OR REVOLUTIONARY."