Thursday, 20 October 2011

Stalinists and Euro-cops block revolution

STATE repression against the Greek uprising hit a new low on Thursday as Stalinist trade unionists were deployed to defend the parliament buildings from the wrath of the people at yet more 'austerity' measures.

And when one of the reactionary pseudo-leftists died as a result of police tear gas, the corporate media tried to blame radical protesters with talk of  'head injuries from a rock' that was later proved unfounded.

Reports From the Greek Streets: "The 53-year old demonstrator was a member of the stalinist union, PAME. His name was Dimitris Kotsaridis. It is officially confirmed by the hospital’s report that the 53-year old carried no head injuries as originally reported, and that he has died from inhaling an excessive amount of asphyxiation gas shot by the police."

Corporate media have attempted to frame the situation as nice 'peaceful' protesters being attacked by nasty 'violent' ones, choosing to ignore the policing role being adopted by PAME, which maintained direct contact with police and even handed over protesters it didn't like to the cops. 

This line has been echoed by dire communist party newspaper The Morning Star in the UK - "violent anarchist thugs attacked peaceful protests in Athens" - exposing its deeply anti-revolutionary mindset and ignoring the fact that other trade unionists and left-wingers, including Trotskyists, were forced to take on the Stalinist volunteer cops.

Explains Contra Info: "It must be clear that PAME and KNE are not communists. They are Stalinist snitches and ruffians who work for the regime."

Meanwhile, many protesters reported hearing riot cops talking to each  other in English - it seems that, with Greek police morale at an all-time low, neoliberal reinforcements have been brought in from the European Gendarmerie Force.

The website of this little-known organisation describes it as "an initiative of five EU member states - France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain - aimed at improving the crisis management capability in sensitive areas."

It is clear that the neoliberal system regards Greece as a test case for the imposition of  21st century slavery on Europe and is prepared to pour massive resources into preventing rebellion.

Simultaneous Greek-style uprisings across the continent are probably therefore necessary to overpower the oppressors.