Sunday, 9 October 2011

Greek minister flushed out of cinema


A GREEK minister has been forced out of a cinema by protesters, as popular anger at neoliberal 'austerity' measures spirals.  

From the Greek Streets reports that the Greek government’s Minister of Interior affairs (Home Office) Harris Kastanidis was spotted in a cinema in Thessaloniki watching a movie.

A few hundred students stormed the cinema chanting slogans and threw yoghurt at him.

Several members of the audience joined the students in booing Kastanidis and clapping when the yoghurt was thrown at him.

Among other slogans which can be heard on the video are: ‘Let’s see who will be first to jump into the helicopter when this marvellous night like Argentina will come’, ‘In Greece, Turkey and Macedonia the enemy is in the ministries and in the banks’ and ‘Terrorism is wage slavery, no peace with the bosses’.