Monday, 5 March 2012

This is a war against the people

"THIS is a war against the people, entire the entire community" warns a powerful message from a doctor in the front line of the resistance to neoliberal dictatorship.

It adds that the current 'austerity' measures are part of carefully designed plan is to reduce the bulk of the population to the level of slaves to the corrupt elite.

Leta Zotaki is director of the radiological unit of the Hospital of Kilkis in Greece, which has been occupied by its workers since February 20.

The open letter to the people of Greece and the world declares: "This occupation does not merely concern us, the doctors and the workers at the Hospital of Kilkis. Nor does it only take place in response to the greek National Health System, which is indeed collapsing.

"We are undertaking this struggle because what is under threat today is human rights. And this threat is not even made against one nation, or a bunch of countries, or social groups: it is a threat made against the lower and middle classes in Europe, America, Asia, Africa; across the entire world.

"Greece’s today is the tomorrow of Portugal, Spain, Italy and the rest of the countries around the world.

"This is a war against the people, entire the entire community. Those who claim that the public debt of Greece is a debt of the Greek people are lying. It is not a debt owned by the people. It was amassed by the governments, in cooperation with the banks, with the aim of the enslavement of the people.

"The loans toward Greece are not used to pay wages, pensions or public healthcare. The exact opposite is happening: wages, pensions and healthcare cuts are used to pay the bankers.

"They are lying. In opposition to what they are declaring, they do not wish to see a society free of debt. They are creating debt themselves (with the aid of corrupt governments and politicians) for their own benefit.

"They gave a banker to Greece for prime minister, to ensure that the 'job' will be executed correctly. Our prime minister Loukas Papadimos has not even been elected. He was appointed by the ECB and the bankers, with the aid of European and Greek corrupt politicians. This is their own interpretation of the word ‘democracy’.

"Debt is caused by bankers, who create money out of thin air and receive interest, merely because the governments gave them the right to do so. And they continue to say that those who are called to pay the debt are you, and me, and our children and grandchildren; with personal and national wealth, with our lives.

"We owe them nothing. To the contrary, they owe to the people a large part of their wealth, which they amassed thanks to political corruption.

"If we do not open our eyes to this truth, we shall soon all turn into slaves, and we will be working for 200 euros or less per month. Those of us, that is, who would be able to find a job.

"Without healthcare, with no pensions, homeless and hungry, just like it’s already happening with my fellow inhabitants in Greece. Thousands of these live in the streets and are going hungry.

"We do not have any intention to paint any gloomy picture; this is the truth. The current situation has not been caused by a financial or monetary accident or error.

"It is the beginning of the ugly stage of a long procedure following a carefully designed plan, a procedure that started decades ago.

"We must fight together against this neoliberal plan. And this is what we are doing here, in Kilkis, this is what people are doing in many, many cities around the world."

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