Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Anonymous hacktivists hit back

HACKTIVISTS have hit back against repression by the global plutofascist system.

Anonymous defaced  web pages of the leading internet security firm Panda Security.

The business is thought to have helped the FBI by infiltrating chatrooms and message boards.

The promo page, Panda Security’s “Cybercrime Files”, was given a long statement accusing the security company of “working with Law Enforcement to lurk and snitch on anonymous activists”.

Hacktivists may have been behind a two-hour downing of Facebook in the UK and also hacked into the Vatican website.

Robert Harris, a member of the UK Pirate Party, told RT hacking groups like Anonymous and LulzSec are movements that have “resorted to direct action,” and prosecuting their members is only going to make things worse.

­“I think prosecuting and locking them up will not actually cause any significant damage,” he said. “It is only going to make things worse and encourage more people to join the group.”

On Tuesday top members of the infamous computer-hacking group LulzSec were arrested by the FBI and charged with conspiracy after it emerged a prominent member - Hector Xavier Monsegur, known in LulzSec circles as Sabu - was working for the authorities.

Following the arrests Anonymous posted on its Twitter feed: “LulzSec was a group, but Anonymous is a movement. Groups come and go, ideas remain.”

Meanwhile, some security suggestions for hacktivists have been published here.

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