Sunday, 4 March 2012

Occupy Nottingham refusing to go

OCCUPY protesters in the English city of Nottingham are defying attempts to make them move.

Says a report on Nottingham Indymedia: "A week ago, the council served a notice on the Occupy Nottingham camp, that unless they move by the 5th March, council will start proceedings.  The camp says it won't be moving."

The occupiers state that they "have collectively decided so far, not to move from the Market Square, and through civil disobedience and lawful rebellion we will stay, and prevent intimidation tactics being used on those involved with Occupy".

Observers are saying the potential political ramifications for the council of pursuing eviction are serious and they need "to have a good long think about whether it really wants bailiffs charging in at such a high profile public spot."

The Occupy Nottingham website is at and its Twitter feed here.

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